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Virtual Tour Marketing

Hey there Childcare Boss! This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here, and welcome to today’s blog post. I want to talk to childcare business owners who are unsure of how to market to their clients.

Many childcare business owners are unsuccessful because they do not know what to market, when to market, or how to market. I believe that if childcare business owners really understood the power of using virtual tours in their childcare business then they would not allow virtual tour options to rest on their website, but that they will utilize that website page as a landing page for parents to signup and take virtual tours.

With the IOwnADaycare network, we have had several of our clients make confessions that their enrollment has more than doubled in the last week or two! I am inclined that parents are going back to work, holidays are coming up, and they are in the need of working. If you are not offering online tours while parents are online and searching, then you are missing out on a valuable way of taking your business to the next level.

If your marketing pieces are still suggesting that parents come in and take a tour, you are clearly not keeping up with what is happening in the market. Right now we are seeing virtual tours, virtual work, virtual classes, virtual learning, virtual everything! You can even have a virtual girl’s night out! All of these things are happening online because this is what’s happening in the economy.

Do me a favor. Take a look at your marketing pieces. If your marketing pieces are still saying to come in and have a tour, then you really need to get a ticket to this week Saturday’s event called Super Saturday.

Virtual Tour Marketing

Coming in and taking a tour is the old way of doing business. Here’s how I want you to begin to market in your business:

1.In 2004, I created a virtual walkthrough of my facility using my cell phone, video software editing on my cell phone, and placing it on my website and YouTube. You can do the same!

2.Utilize a funnel system to help you put your virtual tour inside of a funnel that provides parents the opportunity to sign up with you once they have taken the tour. If they do not signup with you, it will automatically put your parents through to a follow-up email marketing system. That way, you can market to parents utilizing email.

3.You want to have a free gift that parents can access online. Many of my clients are providing self-help resources, workbooks, free lessons, and certificates for free days for parents. Utilize your creativity and make sure that the free offer is resting in your funnel for parents.

4.Be sure to have a way to capture parent emails, phone numbers, and addresses online so that you will be able to keep up with your potential clients.

5.Utilize your weblink each day on your social media platform for parents to click and get access to your virtual tour.

Virtual Tour Marketing

When you begin to think about not only having parents show up physically but to signup for tours, you will find that you will grow your enrollment by using these creative ways of marketing. During our Super Saturday event, I am going to go over the power of marketing and management. When you bring them together, you will see how creative marketing can be and how you can cover more ground to get more done.

This is sort of like an advanced class for all of our JumpStart go-getters! Let me coach you this Saturday and show you how to do big things! I can’t wait to show you how! Be sure to click here and get your Super Saturday ticket today!


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