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Warning Signs Of Poor Office Management

One of the greatest obstacles that prevent a business from producing the greatest amount of profit is the organizational skills of the business owner and the systems they have in place. I’ve seen it happen every single day where most childcare businesses are not as successful as they could be because they are missing integral systems that make up success in a childcare business.

In today’s blog post, I want to help you recognize the warning signs of poor program management so that you can take full accountability for the growth that you will need to encourage in your childcare business in order for you to be sure that your childcare program has alleviated all signs of poor program management.

The first sign that most childcare business owners often overlook is their desk. Whenever you leave your office and your desk is completely cluttered and there is no starting point for the next day, I’m very sure that you’ve left with your thoughts and ideas about your business just as cluttered as your desk. This is a sign that nothing ever gets done and that there is a problem with time management in your childcare business, whether it’s with your admin staff, your teachers, or possibly even with yourself.

Andrea Dickerson Standing In Her Office Showing You A Clean Space

Andrea Dickerson Standing In Her Office Showing You A Clean Space

Another sign that there is something going on with the admin team that needs to be corrected and where you need a systematic system is when documents and files become missing or lost. I know all too well after having experienced this myself. This is why constant training and constantly communicating with your team will help alleviate losing documents and files. Now, if you’re an owner and you’re experiencing missing documents and lost files, those are warning signs that you will need to increase your management skill set so that you can have the right systems in place to keep up with your program documents and files.

Andrea Going Over Her Task Management Systems

Andrea Going Over Her Task Management Systems

Thirdly, there is the dilemma of undocumented program affairs. I know all too well what it’s like to be super busy in your childcare business and never having the time to document enrollments, phone calls, inquiries, or tours. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably never documented important key factors that childcare business owners must track every single day, and because your information goes undocumented, it’s hard to track the affairs that go on in your childcare business. You leave feeling flustered, cluttered, and as though nothing ever gets done.

Andrea Reading Reports Using The Enrollment Tracker At Akeba Academy

Andrea Reading Reports Using The Enrollment Tracker At Akeba Academy

I know that those things happen because you don’t have an all-in-one, stable place to document your information. I’m a big fan of binder systems and for me, having binder systems help me keep track of everything that goes on in my business so that I can have an administrative report. Every single day, week, month, or quarter, I can go into my business and see exactly what took place, what happened, and what I need to do to take my business over the top, which leads me to the last warning sign of poor program management, never stopping to forecast.

You can’t set goals with information that you cannot track. Why say you want to have full enrollment when you’ve never started tracking the current enrollment you have? In order for you to track your current enrollment, you need my all-new system, the Enrollment Tracking System. This system will enable you to track enrollments and it will also enable you to forecast your members. Whenever you have a strong management system in place, knowing what’s going to take place in your business ahead of time will help you forecast classroom ratios, the number of staff you need in a classroom, and it will also help you forecast the most expensive part of your business, which is your payroll. If you’re ready to increase your profits and lessen your risks, then take a look at the Enrollment Tracking System. It’s one of the best ways to rid your business of poor program management. You can log on right now to www.theenrollmenttracker.com.

Parent Review Guides and The Enrollment Tracker

Parent Review Guides and The Enrollment Tracker

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  1. Melania says:

    This was a great read! It was definitely what I needed to read to better my management skills!!

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