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When They Quit – WE HIRE! – Here’s How!!

Between starting Akeba Academy and learning from my errors in management it was 50 plus people later that I realized that I needed to grow more and learn how to manage problem employees.

Ive had many people quit on me in my time as a boss and some people might have resigned, but this lady just quit.

And not only did they quit but they would go and work at another daycare. So why did they quit?

It was really ME.

I didn’t develop people skills.

Here is why she quit on me, I know how to be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t know to treat people. I lost out on building a reputable company.

This Super Saturday, we are going to study principles to hiring and principles to make a reputable company. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn real-life mistakes that I overcame to grow my childcare business, register today. Click here!!


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