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Who Should Attend The Build It Big Conference 2015

Will The Build It Big Conference Work For Me?

Our office has been buzzing with so many phone calls from several of you all wanting to know exactly what you can expect and exactly what you are going to receive from attending a Build It Big Conference. So many of you are new in this industry and you’re trying to determine whether or not this conference will help you. While others are experienced and know exactly what they want from attending the conference.

You’ve been in the childcare industry for several years, and you want to be sure that this type of investment will bring you in the return that you’ve been looking for. My office and I got together and we decided to talk to each and every person that we believe will benefit from attending the Build It Big Conference.

Below you will find yourself. Be sure to go through each profile and you will find what you need and what you will discover from attending the Build It Big Conference 2015.

If You Are Just Getting Started:

To get started, if you want to know more about the childcare industry, get started with your family or childcare center, and you’re ready to grow. I believe that you will discover how location matters to your success, the systems you need to have first before you get started, the how to’s to setting your self – scratch that. The how to’s to starting and having a successful start right from the beginning. You will also discover all of the management systems that you need to put in place, so that your start is effortless and you can immediately begin to attract clients into your childcare business.

Churches/NonProfit Childcares:

The next person that will make a great candidate for the Build It Big Conference are board members for non-profit organizations. I never really share much about my insight of non-profits, but I do currently own and operate a non-profit organization. It has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to increase my childcare business and to have the funds available from donations from the community.

To get more information on how your non-profit organization can experience success, you will discover how to increase your staff that will direct the program with the mission in mind. You will discover how to increase your enrollment, improve your parent outreach, track your success, create continuity programs for your parents that are inside of your program.

Childcare Groups/Childcare Centers


The next candidate will be childcare center owners or group center owners. This conference will help you build it big and build it better. You’ve been going about, running and organizing a childcare business by yourself for so long until now is the right opportunity to learn how to do things better. I know that you’ve got your hands full with working with your staff, your children, the families, state agencies, paying bills, marketing, office work, and so much more.

By attending this program, I’m going to teach you the five key points to attract the Millennial moms in this economy. I’m going to show you the strategic processes for managing all of your tasks that you must put in place in order to be successful. You will also discover how to effectively lead your team based on your personality and based on proven systems. You will also discover how to increase your profits by 12 to $24,000 dollars every single year.

Stand-A-Lone Afterschool Programs

If you are a standalone after school program, I completely get you. I’ve owned and operated my standalone childcare program for over 12 months now, and it’s been a great success. I have maintained enrollment during the summer and back to school, where our capacity was at its best. During this program, you will discover what to do to build your enrollment and to create target marketing campaigns.

You will discover ways to improve your after school location, both inside and outside. You will discover playground design, classroom design, classroom setup, and classroom organization to really bring in school age children. You will also find more information about website designs and social media strategies to help you with your after school standalone program.

Needless to say, you can own 1 to 30 childcare centers and gain new information from attending. We’ve also created sessions designed for the multiple childcare center owners. We want to make sure that you have the right systems in place for program continuity and program congruence. We’re going to teach you how to implement the right management model for your childcare business. There’s nothing like having multiple locations and none of them speak or look the same.

We’re going to show you how to put your programs in unity with your vision.

Offsite Owners/Investor

Maybe you’re an offsite owner, and you are playing the role of an investor, but you still own the location. You’re ultimately responsible for new children coming in, paying the bills, paying your staff, and managing the finances of your organization. Being the offsite owner comes with so many variables, but I’m going to show you during the Build It Big Conference, how to gather the information that you need to help you make the right decisions.

Sometimes, having the right information will cause you to alleviate the stress and make wise decisions that will grow your business, even in your absence. I’m going to teach you how to conduct yourself as on onsite, offsite – scratch that. I’m going to teach you how to conduct yourself as an offsite owner so that you can still position yourself as a leader among those that are working for you.

You’re going to also gather the right information as to completing your inspections and staying ahead of your childcare business so that it doesn’t get out of control. You’re also going to learn how to set your expectations in your childcare business – scratch that. You’re going to also learn how to set expectations and what to look for to insure that those expectations are being met.

Being the offsite owner, you run the risk of your director walking away and taking children with them. I want to show you how to fireproof and director-proof your childcare organization, so that when a director moves on, your business stays intact. Now, what about babysitters in nanny agencies? Did you guys know I own and operate a successful childcare nanny agency, and I’ve done so over the last five years? My first year of revenue was over $50,000.

I’m going to show you exactly what I did to go from babysitter to big booming business, and to start my nanny agency. Even if you currently own one, you are definitely going to learn from these sessions. You will discover how to get more private pay clients in your childcare business. You will discover how to build your brand as a trusted brand that moms will love.

You will discover the key points that are triggers for moms who have children and need in-home care. You will discover how branding is everything to your nanny agency and babysitting company. You will also discover ways on how to market yourself as a brand. What about those of you who are in the children’s retail stores, or boutiques, or museums, or children’s fun spots? You would definitely want to attend.

Children Retail

This is a step and a stretch above any childcare conference, where you will learn how to create additional streams of income in your retail business, how to brand everything in your boutiques, how to add eye catching eye candy to cause clients to do business with you, how to create follow-up systems, how to create continuity programs, and also how to create membership programs to keep your retail stores and boutiques flooded every single day with new clients coming through the door.

You will also discover how to host events around children’s retail stores and boutiques. I tell you the truth. My knowledge and experience in this industry goes so much further beyond just the normal childcare.

Become A Childcare Coach

For those of you who are childcare owners and you’re ready to be a childcare coach and take your business to the next level, you will definitely want to attend. During the Build It Big Conference, you will discover how you can add an additional $100,000 per year in your childcare business and to your income within 24 months or less.

I will show my systems and strategies that I’ve put in place so that you could become a childcare success coach and ultimately my protege. You’ll going to discover how to create an additional six figures in your childcare business right from your very same office. This is a childcare conference like no other. You will learn so much about marketing and branding, and how adding beauty to your business is what’s really going to take it to the next level. I cannot wait to see you at the Build It Big Conference.

Meet me there. Get your tickets today! Log on to www.BuildItBigConference.com

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