3 Big Steps to Mastering Your Hiring Cycle

It is game time, you all. As your coach, I want to motivate and inspire you to know when to make your next play.  Right now we are ending our first quarter (Jan-Mar) of the year. You want to sit down and think about your next move. That’s called strategy. I believe that your next move should prepare you for the most important season that happens in childcare. That is summer enrollment.

Now, in the midst of you preparing for summer enrollment, you need a few key players, right? That’s right. In order for your enrollment to happen in your business so that you can meet expectations that you’ve set for you business, you want to begin to add on NEW TEAM PLAYERS.

To get started in that direction:

I need for you to grab your yearly calendar and review what’s coming up in your marketing department. Then, I need you to create a three-month marketing campaign. To flush out a marketing campaign, be sure that it includes every single idea that you can think of to attract your next MVP (Next Staff Member). Now, for me, I tell my clients that now is the time to do a few things with your current team members that you have.

#1 Spend Time Helping Your Team Think

Now it’s time to go through your memory jogger. If you are a Jumpstart Blueprint candidate, I would love for you to log on into your Jumpstart Blueprint and download your marketing section. In your marketing section, you will see where there’s a memory jogger in place. Take that memory jogger and you do it first. Give yourself a ten-minute timer and list as many people as your memory jogger prompts you to list.

#2 Use Your Team To Help You Hire Staff

Secondly, take that same activity, schedule about a 30-to-35-minute meeting with your team. Explain to your team it’s game time. Walk them through the memory jogger process. Give your team about 15 minutes to quickly, speedily, expeditiously follow the prompts with the memory jogger. When you do, I want you to do the next step.

#3 Provide Your Team With Tools To Empower Them

The next step is I want you to have three curated pre-created texts or scripts. With this pre-created text or script, you will hand it over to your team and say, “All right, everybody on this memory jogger, send this text. Everybody that’s on this memory jogger, give them this phone call and say this.”

Now, what you have just done was allowed your team to help you build your next strategy, your next marketing campaign. What you wrote in that text and what you wrote on that script means everything for your summer enrollment. Now, what I want you to do is to take the data, the phone numbers, the people, addresses, the emails, and I want you to put it in your customer management system. Then I want you to create three months of content that will be delivered to those individuals that will come across your Facebook, that will come across your Instagram, that will be in your Snapchat. I want you to, for three months, focus in on hiring your next MVP.

Now, we all know that Google put the ball in the game. How did Google do that? Google let you know that hiring is not a one tiny thing but it’s a sequence and a process of following a particular system and procedure to get the team member to become a part of your team. There is some work that you have to do. I want to encourage you to find out exactly what you need to do throughout this hiring process. One thing that I do, I want to make sure that I give you the next play. Are you ready for the next play?

Here it is. We are headed to Orlando, Florida. I want to see you on the court. I want you to come on and let’s play big. It’s game time. Get your tickets right now by going to www.jumpstartmychildcaresuccess.com. When you get that ticket, you’re going to have access to our amazing eight-step process for your employment system. Now, this is not any type of employment system. I mean, we’re going to talk about your pre-hiring, recruiting, hiring, orientation, onboarding, retention, ten-week teacher training, classroom management, all of that is the employment system. We’re going to give you the systems for that.

You’re going to walk away with your own binder, professionally created binder for your organization, your swag bag, you’re going to have a great meal on Friday morning, a great lunch on Saturday. We also have a few surprises in your swag bag. We also have an amazing announcement that I cannot make over YouTube or over this video. I got to tell you in person. Listen, get your ticket because it’s game time. It’s time for you to change the game, to change what’s being said, and to run a business that you will love.

All right, guys. This is Coach Andrea coaching you to play big because it’s game time. All right. Follow those instructions. Remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.

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