3 Key Points To Focus On When Improving Quality

For today’s proven management solution I want to talk to childcare business owners about the 3 Key Points To Focus On When Improving The Quality Of Your Childcare Program.

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Let’s go quickly into these three key points that I want you to consider when it comes to taking your business to the next level and improving your quality. Recently, I read an article about quality being one of the major impacts that are happening right now in the non-white community, meaning those of you that are Black, or non-white. So there are some quality indicators that are impacting your childcare business based on the articles. 

Now, there are some things about the article that I beg to differ. However, I still want to give you these three key points. Because if you are having a challenge with your business being shown as a quality childcare program, if you do these three things, it’s going to help improve your business. When I first got started in childcare, no one gave me a standard. And so that is the missing piece. 

Quality is based on the standards that you manage your company back. And so today, I’m going to share with you my three standards. If you use them, you will have some success. 

Standard #1, I focus on education. The reason why this is a standard for the child, for instance, is because one must develop a passion to ensure that the children, the staff, and the parents have an education system that is embedded in your program for them to follow. 

For example, with my children, I’m drastically involved in the curriculum in the lesson planning process. And the way that I accomplished this was by setting my business up on a semester program system. When I set my business up on a semester program system, I was able to understand the indicators that I wanted the children to learn during that time frame. 

And then I also set up an education system for my team of teachers which was my training program. And so my training program was set up on a semester system. And I trained my teachers and my staff every semester, and also prepared them for what was to come. Then there’s the education system for your parents. This is when you get your community involved, but it’s consistent. And it’s a part of your parent community.

The next key point I want you to focus is on development. One of the key areas that I began to focus on when it came to development was for myself and my executive team to stay in the midst of what was going on in the childcare industry, and how to self-improve. 

So we did several things like I hired a coach, I invested thousands of dollars, and I also invested over six figures in my coaching. And so the reason why I do that is that I need the mindset shifts and leadership help, as long as I’m in leadership, I have to keep being a leader. 

So I invested in coaching and mentoring. As for my admin team and my staff, we invested in conferences, and online training. These are the things that I do on my team to make sure that development is a part of our culture. 

For the development of my students, I kept students in community activities, inviting the community to come out and see what our children have learned. So we did a lot of performance nights. That also meant I had to keep them and practice in training in order to perform. I mean, we had a drum line, a team of football players. So it wasn’t just in my center. But I made sure that I developed my community and developed my team. 

Then quality. Quality is not just a word, but quality is the checkpoints that you put in place to ensure that your standards are being met. 

So one of the things that I did in my program was put checkpoints in place before students exit the building. 

So I ensure that the quality of their nose, such as checking if they have a runny nose or snotty nose, etc. and then we did a head-to-toe check and make sure there were no scratches or bruises that weren’t already documented, and parents weren’t already aware of. And then we did a diaper check, the diaper check was to ensure that the child had been checked and or changed before walking out of our facility. What that did was that helped me to curtail the parent complaints that we were experiencing. And so those are the things that I put in place to ensure that I ran a quality childcare program.

 Now, whoever interviewed these different companies that came up with the statistics that were written in the articles, it definitely wasn’t me. And now that you know this information, I know that it’s definitely not you. 

I believe that no matter if you are Black or White, and like my grandfather used to say candy stripe, the color of your skin or the location of your organization does not matter. What matters is that you understand that there are three principles that guide childcare businesses: education, development, and quality, which includes your checkpoints. 

And Remember, If You Manage The Childcare Business That You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!