3 Online Systems Every Childcare Business Needs

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about 3 critical back office systems that you must have in your childcare business. 

Your back office systems are the systems that people will experience but not see because it’s a strategy that you’ve put in place to give them the feeling as if they are interacting with your brand, live and in person..

Foundation To Back Office Systems

Now last week we talked about the foundation to any back office system which is to make sure you have the proper website in place.

With the proper website, you want to identify the market that you’re talking to and create a landing page just for that. When you create a landing page, that particular market will click the button that pertains to what you’ve used to help them to identify themselves. Whether it is ‘All Staff Click Here’, or whether it is ‘Parents Enroll Online’. 

Customer Management Data Systems and or Streamline 

Now, let’s just use the reference ‘All Staff Click Here’ so that our back office system will pertain to staff. So let’s just imagine an individual arriving on your website www.yourwebsite.com. 

When they arrive at your website, they’re going to see several call-to-actions.

If it’s a staff member and they arrive at your website, you definitely want to have a back office system that’s operating for that individual. That back office system will look like a button that they can click.

We call this a taskbar. Once that individual recognizes that you have a button for ‘Staff Click Here’. They’re going to click that button. When they click ‘For Staff’, it’s going to take them to the next term which is called a landing page. Once that staff goes to your landing page, now it triggers your automation. Your automation should now have a pop-up or a screen that gives them a reason to add their information to your database. Now your database is another back office system that nobody sees but you call this a Customer Management System or CRM. 

What happens is you need to have some type of tracker that’s collecting data of the individuals who apply or are interested in more information about your organization. That data is now collected in a back office system. Your back office system may be your ProCare, LineLeader, HiMama, Brightwheel, give them a call and find out if they allow you to use their system to collect back office data through links. If you are my client, I could definitely explain this more but let me do the best I can. 

So moving forward once the individual clicks place their first name, last name, cell phone number, email address, mailing address, and any additional information that you requested. That individual can now put their information in your database. 

Once the information hits your database you should have another back-office system work for you. 

You Must Have An Email Marketing Platform 

The next back office systems are your emails. The reason why you want automation working for you in the back office is because as soon as that person puts their information in, you want them to receive a confirmation email.

The confirmation email will say, “Hi, Welcome to so and so childcare program where we received your information and it’s so good to have you interested in our XYZ position to apply to move forward to step two by clicking here.”

So now you have another back office system working but you are now going to have the individual move further in the relationship with you. After a person puts their information in, you then have your front office staff check your database each day to recognize what individuals went through your online process. 

Once the individual enters your back office you want to have what we call a drip email campaign. This drip email campaign is just like if they were on the phone with you and you were using your sales strategy and technique to get them from inquiring about if you were hiring to completing an application. Your back office systems, including automation is the same process as you talking to them over the phone. But now you’re setting it up where it’s done through automation through a sales process. This is what we call a drip campaign because you are sending them information based on the timeline that gets them from inquiring all the way to becoming a part of your team.

I know that this sounds easier said than done. But stay tuned for my next blog because I love to teach you more. Be sure to stay connected to the IOwnADaycare brand if this is a subject that you’re interested in. Automation is what takes our companies from the past and makes us focus on providing the future of childcare. I look forward to assisting you in this journey. 

If you learned something new today, be sure to leave your comments below and I personally will respond to you. Well all right, as always remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.