3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Childcare Business

Today, I want to talk to childcare business owners about 3 Things That I Wish I Knew Before Starting my Childcare Business. 

So let’s get started and get behind the scenes with these three things that I wish I was prepared for, and  I’m pretty sure that this is why I got written up so much during my inspections.

PLUS I think this is why I had gone through 52 new employees within my first year of owning and operating a childcare center. 

So I learned a lot and I want to teach you what those are. 

  1. I wish I understood more about staffing

Understanding the mindset of teachers and understanding what they need is key to staffing! 

 I didn’t understand the workflows for hiring. And so if you don’t understand what it takes in order to have a person go from interest to be in a part of your team and understanding what being a part of your team is, then that’s when you know you need to think through your workflows from step one all the way to that person becoming a level five teacher. 

Now, you may not use the term level-five teacher, but for us, that’s what I use. And that is that person becoming the prime example long term employee that I need for my organization.

Therefore I didn’t understand workflows and because of that, I was hiring anybody that I could because I needed to fill up a role and I was hiring anybody that wanted to work. And I was young, I was 21 years old, and I’ve never worked in management before, and I didn’t have a business before that, no childcare experience, never worked in a daycare so I was clueless! I just obeyed what I believed the Lord had told me to do.

  1. I wish I had an education system for my teachers. 

This is critical. After bumping my head, learning from my mistakes, I realized, like, wait a minute, in order for me to stop sounding like everybody else and complaining, I was like, “Hold on, there has GOT to be more! 

So I started looking at my education system and educational tools. I created a standard, I created a leadership program, I created my own training that I needed for my teachers to know about my childcare program. 

This was the game changer! I saw myself with more freedom in business every day. And in order for me to have achieved that I had to implement my own education system. 

Then I could bet on myself, I could bet on my brain, I could bet on my processes and procedures, because I was able to position myself as a leader with my own education system.

If you want to get the money and really build a big business and have freedom, you have to have your own education system and that’s what you leave them with, your education system. 

  1. I wish I understood proper marketing when getting started. 

So when I got started, I was asking mama, cousin, sister, brother, uncle, daddy, great uncle, great uncle, or anybody that does the work. I was asking them because I had no clear marketing strategy. I didn’t know how to track team members through 

So that’s what made me create these particular workflows, my education system, and tapping into some proper marketing strategy to attract team members.

The second pillar that I wish I understood before starting my childcare or leading my childcare to the next level was that I wish I understood the type of energy that it took for me in order to lead in order to grow my organization. And so when I tell you about energy, it takes energy to lead several different personalities. It takes energy to leave everything at school and go home and still love your own children and still love your own husband. Over time, I developed a layout for my life to help me accomplish that. 

But it took for me to have some mindset shifts, and it took for me to really realize that, in order for me to really lead, I needed more energy.

And then it also taught me to be ready, not get ready but be ready. 

The third pillar is business organizational goals, so I really didn’t understand about creating goals for my business. I could only think about things like, I need to hire, I need to clean up the bathroom, I need to clean out the shed, I need to clean out the storage, how many of you all got storage that might need a little cleaning? And so I will sit and mundane goals like that not saying they’re not important? They are but it was for me to understand that I needed to have bigger organizational goals.

And so my organizational goals as I grew I wish I would have known this starting out that I gotta focus on sustainability as a CEO. I got to focus on understanding my market, and understanding the market parents that I have. And also I had to focus on getting productivity up in my business because I used to hire teachers and they used to go into the classroom and sit down like how are you sitting down in a room with 20 kids who do that? So that’s when I realized, I got to shift my thinking. I got to shift and put the right organizational goals in place that include increasing my productivity. 

And I was able to do that guys. I learned quickly through the things that I suffer that if I want for my business to really shift, I need to shift so I learned about sustainability, how I can sustain my company and I learned about marketing, understanding my market how to get the right people on my team and I learned about productivity, how to encourage the team that I have to be more productive by giving numbers and keeping track of data. And so I want to encourage you guys to join me for our all-new training, www.SystemsToTheRecue.com 

Where I’m going to go through giving you some of the systems that I use to improve in my staffing, my business, organizational goals, and so forth. 

So if you’re interested in being a part of that training, be sure to www.SystemsToTheRescue.com 

And as always, you guys remember if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.