3 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

Hey there childcare boss. Welcome to our weekly blog where I want to talk to you about how to effectively manage your time. Time management skills are essential for maximizing your business, talents, team, and your day.

Many childcare business owners are frustrated, overwhelmed, and feel as if they just don’t have time to get things done, biting off more than they can chew, and they many have even entered into this phase of life thinking that it would be easy.

One thing I learned for sure about going to the next level in your business, establishing systems, fixing problems, being the solution, developing your leadership skills, or whatever it may be, it all takes for you to apply pressure and keep accountable with how you spend your time.

I have a few tools that I use when it comes to being successful and time management. I want to go over these tools with you to make sure you have this tools in place.

Number 1 Mindset

One thing I know for sure is that you are not going to produce new skills using old tactics. What does that mean? Renewing your mindset requires you to think differently about how you manage your time, your day, your staff, and your business. If you have not questioned how you spend your time throughout the day, then more than likely this blog is for you and you are a prime example of an individual who finds it hard to overcome procrastination, lack of schedule, and  lack of time.

For me, I began using calendar systems. Calendar systems flows from my master calendar. My master calendar is where I pre-plan what I want to see happen in the year in a nutshell. Each month you can create a simple monthly calendar by utilizing a time block so that you know what you will have to get done at each particular hour and stick to your time block.

For instance, if you give yourself 20 minutes to check your email and the email only took about 10 minutes, ask yourself, what am I going to do with the extra 10 minutes? Well, number one is you can move on your next task or you can sit around and pretend that there is nothing greater or better you could do to shift your business to the next level.

Number 2 Use Checklists

As often as you can, use checklists with trigger days. What this does is it sub-conscientiously reminds you to do certain activities during certain days of the week which empowers you to make fast action decisions and get more done with your team because you have a nature flow of how you run your business based on your yearly calendar.

Number 3 Keep A Daily Journal

Keep a daily journal of what you have accomplished because the mind will never accept what has been completed until it has been given a reason to know that work was completed. Do a checklist and mark off what has been completed even if it takes you all day to get it done. You are so worth it!!

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