3 Ways To Make It Happen

There is an enemy of childcare success and it’s called stagnate thinking. Stagnate thinking effects your parents, teachers, and leaders but most of all it effects you!

Sometimes you won’t know that it has showed up  and happened until you’re at the very end of  it’s effect. You will know when you’ve hit the point of being stagnate from my list of triggers below:

Trigger List (just to name a few)

  • You keep facing  the same staffing challenges over and over again.
  • You feel like you’re doing all the work.
  •  You can’t seem to enroll and retain new clients in your childcare.
  • Everything is going haywire and no one takes accountability

and lastly when you haven’t grown as the leader by making investments in childcare business building products, coaching programs, monthly training calls or attending conferences made for childcare business owners you become a prime candidate for stagnation. You can’t build a successful business alone. Going at it alone will keep you in danger of losing sight of your vision for success. Keeping your vision alive is the heart of being successful. Visions never die..they are progressive..but where there is no vision, people parish. Plainly put, if you as the leader or owner don’t feed your vision and work hard for it to come to pass, it won’t. It’s up to you bring about positive change in your childcare.

Lost of vision, passion, effort and success is a sign that you must change your thinking to get out the downward cycle of stagnation and develop a sense of urgency to make it happen!

Here are my proven strategies that will cause you to take control and win. 

Renew your mind. It’s very easy to renew your mind these days because of youtube, pintrest, Facebook, and so many other outlets to tap into my nuggets of success as I keep you wanting more for your life and business. Start by reading new materials like on the go entrepreneur magazines, a great childcare specific magazine is Exchange Press. For business focus read I highly suggest my Design Your Life Online Training Course,  Each month you get a success guide that’s made specifically for the childcare business owner.

Create A Value list. A value list is what you value and therefore expect others to value in your business. Creating this list is liberating and rejuvenating. Come to terms with what you want instead of what you don’t want. Then use the power of focus,  by zoning in on what you want to see happening in your business and not what you don’t want to see happening. This is a great exercise to do with your staff as well. It will give you insight into their value system. Keep in mind that people act and respond from their value systems and beliefs. It could be possible that you’ve attracted  people to work on your team that don’t really value what you believe.


Improve your business building skill set. Momentum is everything. It’s the juice that keeps you jumping over the hurdles and challenges that you encounter each and everyday. Momentum happens by increasing your business skill set. The more you know the more you grow! Take stock of your performance and see what’s your area that requires change? Then take the first step to change.  Change is inevitable either you are changing for the greater or changing for the worse either way you are changing.

I recommend that you take your first step of momentum by becoming a member of the Design Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love Online Training Program. For 12 full months you will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to take your business to the next level. It’s all about you as the owner gaining insight to succeed, information, and ‘ that will keep your business successful. Find out more by logging on to www.IOwnADaycare.com/Training