4 Ways to Create 6 Figures in Your Business

Do You Need To Create 6 Figures or More In Your Business?

Number oneThe Mastering The Process.

For every business that was ever able to generate six or seven figures, there were processes in place and the owner was able to scale the process. Many of you already have a process, so let me define that word for you.

You might have a process for diaper changing, a  process for hand washing, and you might have a process for onboarding new staff. These are just a few things that you do to operate your business,

The process is the foundation that every business needs in order to generate 6 to 7 figures. 

Number two. Developing Your System.

I know you hear a lot of people talking about this. I built my brand off of creating systems. But let me tell you, there’s a difference between a process and a system. Process is the thing that I want to be done in my organization. 

Systems Are The Steps For How You Want It Done.

This is so critical to you generating six and seven figures because you cannot scale what you cannot delegate. And if you cannot tell a person how you want certain things done, that means it’s impossible for you to delegate.

So I want you to begin to write down the processes that you have in your business.

And then I want you to write down the systems for how you want it done. 

This part is tricky. Creating the system for how you want it done is where I can help. With 20 years of childcare experience, I’d love to help you clarify which stage you’re on and how I can help. Be sure to book your one-on-one business audit session. www.WorkWithCoachAndrea.com 

Number three. You Must Have Clearly Defined Roles.

There is no business that was able to scale, hire new people, delegate tasks, or even ask someone to handle a particular process if they weren’t clear about their business roles.

Childcare owners try to be the person who fulfills all the roles in their company and that’s not going to work. 

Take time to figure out your company hierarchy. 

Put that company hierarchy in place because when it comes to you, clearly defined in roles, you will also recognize the role requires certain skills, which makes it more impactful during your hiring process that you’re looking for individuals that can fulfill certain skills in your organization.

Number four. Create Or Invest In Your Training System.

Every business that’s able to appropriately grow to six or seven figures, they all have a training system.

You want to begin to search the Internet and look for a training system that will help to train your team through a leadership process helping staff members to grow & develop.

When you have a training system in place, it allows your team to evolve and grow and be prepared to help you scale and be prepared to help you achieve more. 

So those are the four top must-haves in order to create six and seven figures in your business.

If you want to discover where you are and what stage you are in creating systems in your business, then I have the best opportunity for you right now.

You can go to www.WorkWithCoachAndrea.com  and book a discovery call that’s going to give you loads of AHA/insight moments as to the next step that you must take in order to generate six or even seven figures in your childcare business.

Well into the next time. Remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.

Bye, you guys.