5 Ways To Build It Bigger and Better

Being a childcare owner over a period of time can cause you to go blind to certain things that happens in your childcare business.

Your eyes, your ears, your emotions, how you feel, what you see, how you present yourself, the things that you expect becomes an acquaintance.

Andrea Dickerson and the Build It Big Build It Better Childcare Book

You become familiar to seeing things happening around you, and by you seeing the same objects, the same walls, the same people, the same environment every day, it causes you to have a “Low Eye Alert”. 

What do I mean by “Low Eye Alert?”

Somethings just become a part of your everyday vision. Whereas if you were a new owner coming into the location, you would see how things need to shift and change.

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So, in today’s blog I’m going to talk about 5 things that you can do. No matter how long you have been in the childcare business industry. Learn these 5 tips to build a bigger and better childcare business.

These 5 strategies will be things you can do with no money or for a low cost. 

Here are the 5 strategies that are easy to do. They are excerpts from my book “Build it Big, Build it Better.

Build it Big Strategy #1

The first thing to do is to think like an entrepreneur, as an entrepreneur we are always thinking of ways of increase and to do better. Whenever you create an entrepreneur mindset you never settle for less than your vision or your goals that you want to achieve.

However, if you are consistently thinking like a small business owner, then all you see is, you go to work you come home and that is that.

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Build it Big Strategy # 2 Improve Your Program Image

I talk about improving your program image in chapter 5 of my book, make Pinterest your best friend. Begin to look at Pinterest for ways to dream big about improving your program image. 

Your image could include your staff uniforms, your uniform, your front area, classroom, your walls, the paint on your walls, your bulletin boards.

 It is important to remember that everything that you see is an image. Chapter 3 also talks about improving your image as well.

Build It Big Build It Better

Build it Big Strategy #4

Be willing to organize your classroom shelves. Your outdoor space your classroom bulletin boards, program organization is a big winning strategy. Parents no matter how young, rich or poor, can tell structure and organization when they see it.

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Build it Big Strategy #5

Have yourself business development days.

Business development days are essential to you being able to grow your childcare business, and not just maintain it. I believe when you start pushing forward to building a bigger childcare business, you’ll begin to know that there are serval things that can be upgraded shift and changed in your business. I have found that so many owners become outdated and need more attractive ways of bringing in clients. For you to stay winning, you have to stay consistently growing your vision, your childcare program, and your brand.

Andrea Having Time To Plan Business Development

The tools that I use that has helped me succeed is my book ”Build it Big Build it Better”, although I wrote this book, I still go back and I read it because there is constant information in my book I may have used two or three years ago that can still help me win, and build it bigger now.

To read more and get your hands on your own copy. Head and click here.