Creating Your Mission and Vision for 10x More Success

Did you know that most childcare business owners never create their mission and vision? If you are a childcare business owner and you are operating your childcare business without a vision and without a mission, you’re leaving too many opportunities on the table.

The purpose of having a vision and a mission in your childcare business is for you to know which direction you are taking your business in during the year. So many childcare business owners have no clue as to what they really could accomplish or should be working towards in their business because they are lacking the vision and mission statement of their childcare business.

  • Your vision and mission statement will not be the same each and every year.

It will change as you mature, grow, and develop. I encourage all childcare business owners to create a mission and a vision based on these few strategies that I’ll share with you from the Jumpstart Blueprint course.

In the Jumpstart Blueprint course, I have nine modules that will help you start, grow, and manage a successful childcare business. So whether you’re just starting out and don’t know where to go, or you’ve been in the childcare industry for several years, having content and information online available to you 24 hours a day will definitely spark your potential to growing your business faster than ever before.

Now, to get back to the lesson, I’ll be sharing a lesson with you from the Jumpstart Blueprint course about creating your mission and vision in your childcare business. Here are a few strategies that I want you to plan for now, so that you can lead the rest of your business year into success.

  • Number one, what is your personal vision that you have for yourself this year? Who do you believe you are called to serve?


  • Next, what’s the vision of your childcare program this year? Do you see your childcare program remaining the same or do you see a few things are going to change? Do you feel as if your image, your logo, your branding, your location, any of those need to change? If so, I want you to clearly write out the big picture vision that you see for your childcare organization.


  • Here’s the next question: what’s the vision that you truly want for the children that attend your program to receive from you overall? For example, at the end of the preschool year, what would you have wanted for children to learn, experience, and gain as being a part of your business?

Having these types of questions written and ready for you to execute is the key to following a mission and vision. Without it, you’ll never know which direction you’re heading in; you wouldn’t even know which field trips to plan for your childcare business because you haven’t thought about the ultimate vision and mission for why you work in the childcare industry every single day.

  • The next question is, what’s your vision for your childcare classrooms? Are you thinking about painting your childcare classrooms, rearranging the furniture? Are you thinking about changing the model of how your classroom operates or adding new material into the different centers?

Maybe you’ve thought about just systematizing your classroom by bringing order to how things are placed on your shelves. Thinking like this about your childcare is what causes you to manifest a mission and vision, which leads me to the next question.

What’s your vision for your office organization? Are you thinking about creating systems, putting binders in place, having your task managers put in place, or maybe upgrading your website? What are the office tasks that you feel you would need to do in order to have a more successful year? Having a mission and a vision for your childcare office will definitely keep you moving forward in an inspirational, productive way than just existing and not accomplishing your office tasks in your business.


Here’s my final one. I believe that visions and missions without images only leads to hope, and hope delayed makes the heart grow weary. Let’s encourage ourselves by having images that go along with our vision. Today I want for you to go through a childcare magazine and select images that will encourage you to upgrade your childcare classrooms with a real live, in your face, 20/20 vision. Your 20/20 vision will include the items that you would like to purchase for your childcare business and it will include images for how you want for your classrooms to look or for your office to look.

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