Andrea Ignites Childcare Atlanta Tour Recap

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Hosting the tour in Atlanta, Georgia was a dream come true. My dream has always been to teach as I believe and during the Atlanta Tour I was able to accomplish that. From working with clients about branding, marketing, mindset and management, I was able to teach from my own experience and from my proven systems that I implement  in my own childcare business everyday.


An important key to achieving childcare success is being around people that will motivate and inspire you to succeed. Several clients that attended were looking for motivation and inspiration to continue moving forward with their own childcare dreams. Many attendees were in the valley of decision of should I stay in the childcare industry or should I stop and do something different.

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Just listening to the testimonies from the attendees I was encouraged and inspired to know that something I said caused them to keep moving forward, to dream again and to hope again. 

The tables were packed and filled with workbooks, blueprint systems, worksheets and booklets to help you take fast action. I love over delivering in word and in deed. Im looking for owners who want to attend an event and be changed, have a clearer sense of direction and a plan to follow! I love keeping the event full of excitement with out of the norm energy.


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During the conference we reviewed the How To Sell Your Childcare Services Kit.  I started the session out with helping clients use the system to keep their tours, phone calls, parent orientations and enrollments all branded, unique and consistent. I told them that parents really want to know what makes you different and being able to show the difference is what this session was all about.


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My husband spoke from his passion as well. He’s a great business leader and support for me and our childcare programs. His talk was very effective in that it impact the men in several ways.  Husbands and their wives attended the event to find ways of working on one accord and accomplishing the impossible together. 


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My next stop is in the City of Brunswick, Georgia. Childcare Business Owners are going to come from everywhere to attend the only 2-Day Event of It’s kind. The Build It Big offers an atmosphere of Inspiration and Motivation plus Information.  You don’t want to miss this!  Click Here To Attend

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