Are You Emotionally Tied To Your Enrollment?

For so long we as women have learned to do business as men which causes us to lose our feminine  touch.  Women are emotional for good reasons!  However, in the business of childcare you can can be as feminine as you would like and explode your childcare and take it to the next level.

The way to achieve this is to be tied into your enrollment based on your personal goals!

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There is a healthy way to be emotionally tied to your enrollment from a personal point of view. There is also an unhealthy way to be tied to your enrollment as well.

There is a fine line between taking a professional approach to enrollment and an emotional approach. Let me explain the two.

An unhealthy emotional approach will cause you to get stuck on who has dis-enrolled from your program and the reasons on why they left. The unhealthy emotional approach will also cause you to have inner turmoil and animosity with families for causes that’s beyond your control.

So let’s talk about the healthy approach. This approach is professional and built on a system but yet it’s tied to your  personal goals.

The first step to building your enrollment based on your personal goals is to build it from your inner desires, hopes and dreams.

So many times it’s hard to fight for your enrollment goals especially when you don’t have a strong conviction to lead you to taking daily action to achieving your goals.  I have included in my Enrollment  Building System the emotional steps to include in your business to help you identify your dreams which will lead you in the direction you should move in.

So here’s an assignment for you….take a moment and write down what you want to achieve, both in the near future and long term this will help you get off to a quick start! To further your growth of creating an enrollment system check out the Enrollment Building System @ http://ebblueprint.daycaremanagementsolutions.com/?page_id=2ebb