Are You Really Building The Childcare Business You Love?

Of course you are! That’s what I’ve heard from everyone so far. But I am willing to challenge that. It doesn’t matter if your business is a family structure, large family, group center or commercial center, If you’re really building a successful childcare/daycare business you must have a futuristic vision.

So here’s my challenge, can you pull out your Childcare Master Calendar? Your childcare master calendar is your futuristic vision on paper.

As I always say, what’s written is what matters.  

What’s the plan you have for your business? Are you taking daily action to achieve your  plans? Having a childcare master calendar will help achieve your plans for your business.

Before I give you the content of a Childcare Master Calendar, it’s very important for you to acknowledge where you are in the planning aspect of your childcare business. Can you honestly say that you’re using your time to actually operate your business as a business?

Are you spending your time working in the classrooms, kitchen and bus runs? If so, have you hired someone who runs the business side of business? What ever your answer to the question is,you must make time to effectively manage the childcare business you love.  I really want for you to succeed so here’s the back office duties that business owners must include in their Childcare Master Calendar.

1. Marketing

2. Enrollment Preparations

3. Staff Development

4. Staff Management

5.  Paperwork

6. Facility

7. Parents

8. Program

9. Financial

10. Meetings

11. Other

Every detail from numbers one through eleven must be planned at least a year in advanced so that you are clear as to where your  business is headed for the year. If you don’t know what these details include be sure to get my complete kit in detailChildcare Success web image 9-4-12