Basic Goals Every Childcare Owner Must Accomplish By January 31

Are you a childcare business owner and you struggle to really take your business to the next level, all because you’re new in the industry and you really don’t know what to plan for?  Now things are happening with the economy or beyond your control, and you’re trying to figure out if you should stay in the industry or let it go. Maybe you are a seasoned experienced childcare business owner, you’ve gotten comfortable, and you haven’t really taken your business to the next level; you’re still operating like you did four, five or even ten years ago. Listen up. This blog is going to expose you to how to move your business forward by creating childcare goals that every business owner in our industry should create.

For those of you who do not know, I created a massive success tool for childcare business owners titled Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. In the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, I compiled all of my success tools to help with office organization, staffing, business management, marketing, and goal acceleration into one massive goal-achiever and called it the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster. This is a masterpiece that combines every planner that was created to be a unique answer to the childcare industry for childcare business owners who needed a system, not just a planner, but a system for organizing their day, organizing their tasks, organizing their goals, and organizing how they’re going to execute plans and strategies.

In today’s blog, I’m going to explain to you what every childcare business owner must plan for, whether you plan for a week, a month, a quarter, or every six months. You want to include these tasks within your planning system often.

Number one, always plan monthly goals. Monthly goals really keep you focused on achieving your overall big plan, your overall big mission. To achieve your overall big plan and big mission, your monthly goals will indicate to you whether you are on track to achieving what you truly want. What’s most important is your calendar. Your calendar leads you to being productive as to what you’re working on or what’s coming up within a time frame for that particular month.

There’s a particular part of the planner that I call Management Booster. In the Management Booster, it’s where I encourage you to plan your monthly calendar, your office goals, your trigger system, your seven times daily to do list, and your partnership planning. Planning these areas in your business helps you to better manage what happens in your office, how you run your personal day, the seven tasks that you should get done no matter what. If you work with someone, as far as a director or a business partner, or your husband or spouse, then you can plan out conversations to have with that person to help inspire and motivate them to help you get more done.

The next area that the planner includes is your Mindset Booster. In the childcare industry, we work around different type people – people who are excited, people who are mad, people who are just in it for the money, and people who need your services but can’t afford it – so there are certain mindsets that you deal with throughout your business day. When you deal with so many different mindsets, it’s important that you keep a mindset for success and growth, and remove yourself from being so overwhelmed.

To get from cluttered to organize, and from overwhelmed to on top of things, the Mindset Booster section of the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster is key for you. This is where you let out the things that come to your mind and put them on your idea sheet. Then there’s the section for your ideas, for your let-it-out process, your clarity sheet, your vision board, picture this planning sheet, and your daily success affirmations. For me, it’s so important that I write an affirmation or I write something that really speaks to who I am, what I bring to the industry, what I offer the children, what I offer parents and staff, and what I intend to complete. I make daily affirmations that keep me focused on the real me and what my potential actually is.

Then there’s the Marketing Booster section. This section is where you write out your marketing goals, what your plans will be to reach those marketing goals, and any followup processes that you need to implement in order to accomplish that. Next is your Money Booster. This is the area where you plan your money for what you want to have come in and money that you know it going to come out, and then you have your staff. Staff management is key to your childcare business. You should set goals for how you’re going to manage your team – whether it’s hiring new people, etc. –  all the daily tasks that you have for your team members to accomplish in your business, and also your morning meet up plan. Your morning meet up plan is where you meet with your admin team to help execute your overall goals that you will discover in this blog that you should create.

Then you have your Curriculum Planner and Curriculum Booster. It’s where you get your weekly assignments, your schedule, your curriculum pages, your planning pace pages, your bulletin board layouts and more as a way to pre-plan how you would like for your teachers to move and maneuver your class. Then you have your Agendas and Themes. Agendas and Themes are so important because it’s your way of organizing your thoughts, your meetings, and your year before ever introducing staff members to your concept.

When you build your business around these particular goals, it truly empowers you to become a leader of what you want accomplished in your organization and not just allowing things to happen and then you are going with the flow. I really encourage you to get in our planning party, where we celebrate your plans as you move forward to creating your goals for your business. To get involved and to be a part of what we’re doing, go now to www.thejumpstartdailybusinessbooster.com.