Believing In Your Childcare Business During The Hard Times

For today’s blog I want to inspire you and motivate you to succeed in your business.  The title of our blog post is to believe in your childcare business when everything seems to be going wrong.  Listen, I know what you’re feeling.  I know what it’s like.  I know that it seems like there’s just never going to be a way for you to succeed.  I know it feels like every time you get ready to take one step forward you end up having to take two steps back.

We all know that in order to overcome those challenges that we face in our childcare business, that we’ve got to have a success mindset.  I’m going to give you a few tips today and a few strategies on how you can have a success mindset so that you can have the childcare business of your dreams, and that you can continue to believe in your business even when things seem hard.


The first thing I want for you to do is to make you some affirmations.  As a matter of fact, I want you to say this with me:  If anything good can happen to me, it will.  You know what, you’ve got to confess that if anything good can happen to me, it will.  Hey, I’m such a particular person about affirmations about believing that I shall have whatsoever I say.


I remember when I first got started and I was in my small family home.  I would literally open up the front door in my business and call business to come into me.  I would literally open up the door and say I decree and declare that parents and children will find my childcare business today.  You know what, my neighbors thought I was crazy.  People around me may have thought what’s wrong with her, but I remember thinking if anything good can happen for me, it will and I would make sure that I would do it after I may have gotten some news that I didn’t want to hear.


I would make sure whenever something wrong happened I would just kick in, I would go forward with my affirmations, and I would say hey if anything good can happen to me, it will, and it’s going to happen to me today.  I’m telling you from experience that I had to learn how to order my day by the words that came out of my mouth.  That’s why I’m inspiring you to get you some affirmations that you say in your business and get you some crazy faith, and just step out and do things that may seem crazy to somebody.


I remember working with a childcare business owner and she wanted to increase her enrollment.  She had this divine-inspired idea to go and get her a table from her childcare program, set it up, and use baby dolls as if they were children.  She labeled the chairs.  She set it up.  She would occasionally go in and read books to those baby dolls.  Within 90 days every seat that she had those baby dolls in, were filled.


See, I’m encouraging you, right now to believe in your childcare business even when things seem hard.  Hey, you may have staff that you have to work with and it seems like you’ve been talking to your staff time and time, and time again, and they can’t get it right.  Then you have an inspection and they still get it wrong.  You’re like Lord, what do I do to make this work.


This is what you do.  You order your day by the words that come out your mouth.  You stay positive and you speak every day if anything good can happen to me, it will.  Hey, I had to get to the point where I made my staff make positive confessions about our childcare business because I’m excited about what can really happen because I see that I can have a successful childcare business.  That leads me to number two.


If you can see it, you can achieve it.  Hey, you’ve got to get to the point where you can see the success that you want happening in your business.  The way you do so, you have do you a dream board or a vision board.  Then you have to concentrate on the good things that can happen in your business.


Those are just my two strategies that I want to give you today to help stay motivated and inspired to succeed.  I don’t just sit behind my desk.  I work in my childcare business every day, that’s why the content that I deliver to you is hitting right on the head right where you are, and it’s giving you that fire and that momentum that you need to succeed.