Boost your goal achievement and success rate midyear

 Every year I like to boost my vision for success and take a look at my vision board, my goals, and my dreams to determine if I’m truly on track or to determine what I need to do to get back on track.

December, January, and February brings about such joy, happiness, and reset in the life of childcare owners who enjoy planning. Because it brings about a reset, we go throughout February, March, April, May, and June spinning our wheels, working towards our goal, or finding ourselves off track and needing to get put back on track to achieving our goals.

For me, I realize that I sometimes get caught up in day-to-day, new desires, or gold twinkling object. I lose sight and focus of my real desire and goal for my life. To help me prevent from getting far off track, there are a few things I do during the middle of the year to help me regain focus, get back on track, and achieve my goals ten times greater. I’m going to share with you in today’s post what I do to achieve that.

Number one, every single month I write my goals so that I’m clear on what I’m working towards on that particular month.

Sometimes there are goals that carry over each month until I’ve accomplished it.  Clearly I’m giving myself a full year to do it, but I work to accomplish it every single month.

The second thing that I do is create my vision board to be full of my heart’s desires.

My heart’s desires for my life, what I want to achieve from this all comes down to me putting it on paper. I find pictures, words, and scriptures to help me fight the good fight of faith, to keep my faith, and to keep moving forward.

The third thing that I do is I wake up every single morning between the hours of 4:30 AM and 5:00 AM and make my daily confession.

My daily confession is what I post around me on my vision board and in my phone. I keep my daily childcare business confession in my phone so that I can pull it out and make my confession.

The fourth thing that I do is I surround my living environment with props. These props keep me focused in on my goals, my dreams, and what I’m working towards. Whenever there’s a moment in my journey when things don’t sound or look the way I want them to, I have my secret weapon, which are my props.

My props are what keep me focused and excited about my future. Simple things such as organized closet, my shoes organized in my closet, décor that inspires the next level, setting up spaces in my home that ultimately reminds me of why I’m focused and why I’m pushing forward for the next level. These environments in my home that I create take an investment, but it speaks to me in my future. There are props that lead me to thinking big and dreaming big about my success. Some of my props are things that I’ve already accomplished to keep my mind focused on the fact that I can do it.

Number five, I put myself in the environment that I desire in my future.

I know that you’ve heard it being said to drive the car, go to the lane, walk through the house, be in the environment. That is so true. Then there are times where I don’t physically put myself in that environment, but I close my eyes and imagine opening the door to my new home, being picked up by my car driver in my new truck, having my clients on my website finding out about me and doing business with me, having the amount of money in my bank, seeing all the digits in my bank account. These are ways that you can put yourself in the environment of where you want to be by closing your mind to your current situation and opening your mind to your future by seeing it before it happens.

The sixth thing that I do is quiet time writing and focus.

I love reading material and focusing in on material that will draw me closer to where I want to be. After reading and focusing in on material, I write about the places that my mind journeyed, the things that I desire, what my day will be like, what opportunities I will explore, what it will feel like to be in that environment. By me doing my quiet time writing and focus time reading, it shifts me to empower myself to be closer to where I want to be, to do more of what I want to do.

I believe that once you stretch your mind, you’ll never go back to the places you’ve been. Reading, writing, vision board, monthly writing of your goals will take you places where you won’t return to your current state. This is my way to jumpstart my goals and dreams and to boost my goals into achievement. Let me know what you’re doing to take your business and your life to the next level by creating your goals and dreams and boosting them to the next level. I want to hear from you. Leave them below.