Branding Your Childcare Business Inside and Out

Branding reaches beyond your business name, logo. and marketing materials. Branding is an all around picture of who you are and your childcare culture and services offered. Branding can reach as far as your unique tag lines, company songs, original sayings, business image, systems, business activities, and the culture you create in your childcare. Branding also matters to your company colors that’s painted on your walls within your childcare. 

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Taking caution when you decided how to decorate and brand your business is very important to your branding message. It’s showing parents that you are who you say you are and it shows  what makes you different.

It’s about positioning yourself as the solution to their problems. For instance, if you are a learning facility and your building and walls are painted with sponge bob, what message are you sending? Does sponge bob stand for learning? Are you creating a credible brand?

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Your brand theme and message should flow throughout your childcare business, from your walls, to your signage, registration packets, brochures, websites, Facebook page, business cards and your brand should spread as far as your company’s parent arrivals and departures, every aspect of your childcare must keep your branding message threaded throughout your program. 

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You can find out more about my branding techniques by joining me November 14-15 2014 at the BuildItBigConference.com