Build a better childcare system with proper vision

Are you discouraged with the results that you’re seeing in your childcare classrooms? 

Like do you have this big goal and big vision for your staff? But every time when you show up, everything opposite of that is happening in your business? Well, if so, I’m going to share with you ways to build a better childcare system. 

I want to talk straight from my heart about the reason why I became really engulfed and interested in building childcare systems, especially for my own business.

If you’re never discouraged by the things that you see, you’ll never get the motivation to change things for the better!

Without eye opening moments, you’ll never be excited to build something better in your business. Well, that’s how it started for me. I would get discouraged when I would spend my weekends in my childcare business, organizing it or putting things in place, cleaning it up, taking things away from the classroom, storing things in a proper location. And then I thought, well, when my team arrives on Monday, they’ll see it and they’ll maintain it, but boy, was I wrong. I was wrong because I didn’t follow the visionary process.

Because I didn’t set up this process, I would be discouraged come Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Things were backed the way there were. Nobody considered why I took time out to come in and put these things in place and implement this and clean things up. And maybe you’ve experienced that too.

And that’s because you have to follow steps as a visionary. When you go into your childcare business, don’t do the work without a vision board of how you want it and a process for how you want to maintain it. You have to have moments where you stop and train your team, offer a follow through where you go back behind the team to follow through to make sure that it’s done right. 

Of course, there’s many pieces to this puzzle that could impact this strategy. But overall, this strategy can work for anybody. If you own one childcare location or 10.

Now the setup process is where you make sure that everyone around you understands why you set it up and how to maintain that is being set up. 

#1 Now although they may understand it, you, the CEO, have to put the right infrastructure in place to support the maintenance of it. 

#2 And a part of that infrastructure is that whomever you leave in charge, that they are clear of their responsibilities of overseeing this process or this new setup or this new system. 

#3 And that is included in their close out and then as the CEO, you’re responsible to make sure that is monitored and that it is followed and that it becomes a part of your daily accountability and company culture. 

I know I’m making it sound easy, but that’s why I’m giving you The Bossflix Show Edition 2. The Bossflix is where you’re gonna learn these processes and systems from the comfort of your home. You need to see the system set up and then you’ll be encouraged to set these systems up in your program.

Because systems that really manage your childcare program are systems that are interconnected. They’re not just one-off systems, something that you thought was cute and you thought that you like to do it. 

No, when it comes to building a better system. They are interconnected one with the other so your classroom is connected with your kitchen, your kitchen is connected to your office, your office is connected to your directors, your directors are connected to your CEO tasks. So everything and everyone in your organization is interconnected.

It’s big picture visions that cause you to have a better system. 

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