Build Your Enrollment With Your Processes

Start Increasing Your Enrollment With Proven Processes. 

Today I want to talk to childcare business owners about one of the most game changing resets that I had to do in my business. As you may know, it took me 12 months to build a capacity of 60 children in a facility that was licensed for well over 200 plus children, however, because I didn’t have any proven background experience in childcare, any proven marketing experiences, and I didn’t have any enrollment processes I struggled.

Long story short my enrollment suffered, my budget was short and we sold that location and I started over again. 

I started over again and I was able to build my enrollment from 0 to full enrollment in 90 days! 

Big Difference, Right? 

I learned from my first experiences and this time,  I used a proven enrollment process.

I’ve always had the mindset to never depend on State funds in order for me to build my childcare business.

Therefore, I began to take note of the things that I would do in order to gain super success.

My super success strategy had attracted 20 children in one day. For me that was amazing. What I learned to do was to track my success using the enrollment building blueprint. But it’s my technique that I used in order to convert clients from  inquiry to actually coming into my business and enrolling with me. 

When I put it in a system, I was able to continue to duplicate that process. So I went from a 700-square-foot house with six children to two group homes, and then from two group homes to my large center where I built a full morning shift, used the same marketing strategies, and built the night shift. 

And then I went on to open up another childcare program, my nanny agency, and then I went on to coaching and mentoring the same enrollment process for other owners.

It takes time to write out your enrollment processes. This is the easiest and quickest way for you to leverage what’s working and tweak what’s not. 

I want you to sit down and think about what you do in your business to cause you to have success. 

What have you done to cause one student to walk through the door?

Was it the way you answered the phone? Was it the way you conducted your tour? Whatever it was, Don’t second guess. Just write it down. 

Once you go through the writing process, then you start to duplicate.