Business Must Have Systems For Your Office

One of the biggest challenges that many of you as childcare business owners face is that you haven’t systemized your office, your office equipment, or your office standards.

Without having the right office material and office equipment, you’re hindering your program from being able to produce the desired results that you’re looking for.

Another area that many of you as childcare owners are missing is that you don’t give instruction, clarity, and wisdom on how to use what you do have.

Here at the School of Systems, we have always used the office equipment system. This is how we do our color code. And this is how your admin team will know what YOU use in your office AND for what.

So that staff can easily access your system, have everything that you use in our office  divided into images, what the product is for, and the use of it in our organization.

In module six of the Jumpstart School of Systems, we teach you about the Business office must-haves. 

In order for you to organize your office, you have to start with the foundation by knowing what items will go into your office, knowing what the use of those items is, and then giving your team a layout to keep your expectations met.

This is how you have to set up your business office. With the right layout to meet your expectations.

  • You have to have clarity about what products, items, materials, and equipment you need in your office.
  • You have to have clarity about how to use this material.
  • You want to make sure that you have what items you need in your office. And then you want to have clarity about how to use the items in your office by having it laid out.

What goes into the binders, what do we need on our desk, what do we need in our drawers, what calendar system, what binder system, what type of desk, so that everything is streamlined in your organization and it will make it easy and clear for people to follow your business must-have systems

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This is your coach, Dr. Andrea Dickerson here with IOwnADaycare.com.

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