CEO Solutions For Lazy Teachers – Get Going Fast!

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners who are dealing with staff that are not operating excellence. They’re feeling overwhelmed, and they’re just sort of lazy. So be sure to read this blog.

I was kinda timid with saying the word, ‘lazy’, but you all know your coach, I am so upfront, and I am clear about the message that I want to deliver to you today.

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Laziness is something that can hinder your business from going to the next level. 

Let me tell you why I came to this conclusion. Just the other day, I started praying and asking God to give me wisdom about you all as my clients and I couldn’t relate to certain things that were going on with some owners. Owners who know that God has called them to a higher level to do more to scale their business. But there were things that were hindering them. And I couldn’t understand how something like working in your classrooms hinder you?

And the reason why I couldn’t understand is because in my journey of owning and operating my childcare business, I have never had to be a childcare teacher and I’ve always had employees. I have gone on to write books, host conferences, own a childcare business, and start a nanny agency. My husband and I opened up a ministry, and we started running two churches. So I’ve always had multiple opportunities going on around me. I just couldn’t understand how is it that God can show you that there’s more for you. But yet you don’t take advantage of going in that direction. 

Distractions are a killer!

So I started looking online for scriptures that dealt with people being distracted and overly busy when I looked up distractions, the word ‘slothfulness’ came up and then I started being led to different scriptures about slothfulness. Then I did some research and I found out that slothfulness is like one of the seven worst sins that we can commit. I was surprised because it’s not one of those things that you hear about in church. You would usually hear, ‘don’t drink, don’t smoke’ you know, you hear stuff like that.

But now you’re talking about the character of a person, the mindset of a person, the spirit of a person with slothfulness, and so then I delve a little bit deeper. And as I dug deeper, slothfulness also meant where you are prevented from being on your righteous path, which ultimately leads to your ruin, and I thought that is strong.

Webster’s dictionary research of the word ‘slothfulness’ is laziness, which means one who does not operate and move in excellence doing things right the first time with energy.

Doesn’t that sound like what happens in your childcare businesses?

That’s what’s happening in our classrooms. That’s what’s happening with our staff. There has been a strong mindset of not getting things done in a timely manner, trying to avoid getting things done as far as working consistently and being faithful. 

So with these things going on, there’s one strategy that I want to share with you. So let’s get ready…

When you start dealing with team members who aren’t working with excellence and team members who aren’t completing tasks correctly or following your systems, that’s a sign that you need to amp up your hiring and training systems.

#1 Your hiring and training systems are the foundation so that means you cannot just hire anybody. When you’re dealing with changing the mindset and culture of people. You have to hire people that are in agreement with your vision.

#2 You must train your teachers. Training is not just having a meeting about things that are going on in your business that may cause some concern or issue, but training is a system that you follow every two weeks so that your team is hearing from you.

#3 Utilizing tools that they follow that you follow so that everybody is on one accord. Let me share with you my secrets behind creative frameworks and your business. Now many of you when you look at this, you think oh this is just another planner, but it’s not. It’s a framework.

Let me take you behind the scenes. You see this framework. I have created an activity schedule, and I’ve also created centers for my classroom. 

Years ago, it was revealed to me that I needed to give my teachers tools in order to follow my system. The biggest struggle that many of you face is that hiring teachers and training them to be 100% ready for your classrooms is difficult and almost impossible to do. Sometimes we just have to put them in the classroom and get them going. So what I had to do was to create a framework that supported the logistics of my company, and by me creating this framework, it worked. 

Let me talk to you about how it goes. These colors represent different centers that are in my classroom and the colors that you see represent the trays and bins that go in those centers. So this tool was able to speed up my new hires to learn more about my systems and follow them.

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Now, honestly speaking, that’s why I created my staff quarterly agenda. My staff quarterly agenda includes every system that we discuss that trains my team, every two weeks. I didn’t have to think of what to say. I didn’t have to create new systems because my quarterly agenda planner was a planner that my teachers received and

that I followed when creating the content for the meetings. And I’m telling you, we went through all of the major facets of my organization in every single meeting, including my team, speaking the vision out loud, my team had to speak the vision from every single meeting because that was my way of ensuring that their mindset was ready for implementing the processes in the classroom. 

Now, did I still have teachers that weren’t always moving like I wanted to move? Of course, but having this understanding framework allowed me to have freedom and when I received freedom I was able to get more done. 

So I hope that I said something today that will allow you to truly dig deeper into how you train your team and utilize a tool to follow so no matter what’s going on you follow this training method to renew your team’s mind to follow the systems in your business as well as your classrooms.