Checklists Are The Most Helpful Part of A Procedure Manual

Hey there, childcare boss. This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, and welcome to today’s blog. In today’s blog, I want to give you the most helpful part of your procedures manual. So many childcare business owners are creating their binder systems, but yet they still are not effective. In today’s blog, you’ll discover an effective way of creating your systems that actually work.

This week I want to talk to you about how checklists are the most helpful part of your procedure manual. I’m going to give you three must-dos for creating your binder systems with checklists. After we go through this system, if you still need help, be sure to join me in our 8-week Jumpstart Academy program. This is where we take you through the full process of creating your systems and binders for your childcare business. Checklists are defined in the childcare arena as the most helpful part of your procedure manuals. We want to make sure that your checklists have the following:

Number one

Make sure that you have checklists that are written in plain English as if the person using it knows only the very basics of a job. Think of your intelligent friends who don’t work for your company – would they be able to follow the procedure as you described it?

Number two

Checklists are made up of specific action steps that can be checked off as completed. I find that most childcare business owners make a simple step in error by creating binders that are full of forms, commentary with helpful hints, but yet it does not include the specific action steps that it takes in order for the forms or tasks to be completed, neither does it have a check-off system for accountability. When creating your check-off systems, be sure that your check-offs for your policy and procedure manual has eye-catching differentials. For example, your differentials in your content that you write in your procedure manual should come with different italic-sized markings, offer in different colors, or even place to the bottom of the page. Each step should be identified as something separate and different or to bring attention.

Next, do not assume that the same staff will be involved in completing your procedures within your manual. It is very helpful for you not to list names of those who currently hold those positions, and it’s preferred not to even mention titles so that anyone that comes in to help you in your business doesn’t assume that it’s based on the role, but that it’s based on the tasks that need to be completed. When you create your checklists and add them into your binder system, be sure that all tasks are in the proper order and all steps are provided as well.

Number Three

Offer contacts when a problem should arise. I have noticed across the nation that most childcare owners never think to troubleshoot or to provide a what-if, commonly known as plan B, scenario. When creating systems, we would love for everything to operate according to a machine, but when working in our human-designed industry of childcare, where it requires the human mind and the human touch, let us be mindful that problems will always arise. With that being stated, always include what-ifs, plan B options, and troubleshooting in creating your policy and procedures in your binder systems.

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