Childcare Enrollment Application Must Have Components

Hey, you guys, this is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here.

For today’s blog, I want to talk to you about the actual enrollment application system and what all you should have on your application for when parents come in to register their child with you. By asking these questions, it helps you create a residual list of parents that you can offer your products and services to to help you build your enrollment and to keep your business constantly full.

When I first started in my childcare business, I grew my enrollment from zero to full enrollment in 90 days by utilizing this out-of-the-box enrollment application system. As a matter of fact, you can get the full Enrollment-Building Blueprint System that’s included in the Jumpstart course by logging onto www.jumpstartblueprint.com. This enrollment system definitely caused me to win big, think outside the box, and set myself apart from competitors all while dominating and trailblazing the industry.

When I began to look at regular registration packets that were being given to parents, they all missed the point.


The point is to always go deep in your network. I learned this through network marketing, and I realized this was something that we weren’t doing in the childcare industry. I included this process that I learned from network marketing into my enrollment application system. I’m going to share with you three tips today in our blog that’s going to help you implement these strategies that I’ve learned to build your enrollment within 90 days.

The first strategy is to ask parents on the application in writing so that they can answer it, do you know anyone with children? When you ask that question, you’re not asking them to label parents who would like to do business with you in childcare. You just want to know if they have friends with children. If the answer is yes, provide a space for three names, numbers, addresses, and email addresses because either way, you’ll have a way to contact that parent. You may not know if that parent has infants, toddlers, or preschoolers, but the point is they have children and guess what? We are in the children business.

The next question is on your application, ask parents to describe their child’s behavior and/or personality.


Be sure to use the word describe. When you use this type of terminology for parents to describe their child’s personality or behavior, you’ll put that under the section that says, “Tell Us More About Your Family.” The reason why you want to know more about the child’s personality and behavior is because you’ll recognize where parents are when it comes to their understanding of child behavior, early childhood education and so forth. This also helps you to identify what community partners would be very useful in helping your parents be the best parents they can be.

Here’s the next question:  How do you prefer to communicate?


Then you can give options of checkboxes for them to note how they prefer to communicate. For example, there are several software systems available that offer platforms for parent daily communication. There are email system programs that offer emails. There are systems out there that offer text messaging. There are systems out there that offer daily iPad usage from the classroom. Either of these systems can be listed to ask parents to check how they enjoy communication, or you could leave it blank and let parents tell you the best way they like to communicate. Some parents like documents, written documents, emails. Some parents like one-on-one conversation or phone calls. Whatever it is that parent enjoy that attend your organization, ask them in writing which ways do they prefer to communicate.

Now this enrollment application system will give you so much insight and information about what parents truly like to communicate on. That way, if you’re ever in the market of finding a software system, then your software could be excellent resource for parents, especially if it offers the majority rule of ways that parents enjoy communicating.

These are my enrollment application system secrets that have caused me to generate information from parents that I would normally have not received had I not asked the right questions. If you haven’t included these questions in your enrollment application, please go now. Edit your application and include them. If you’re using a state application and you’re not able to edit, just add on a third sheet and staple it to your application where these questions can be answered by parents. They’re game-changing, enrollment-changing, and mindset-shift changing because the information you will discover will help you to be clear about how’s your target audience and what this parent is expecting to receive from your program.

Alright, I believe that sessions like this is what will carry you to your next level and beyond. This blog post is brought to you by Jumpstart Blueprint, and we’re excited to offer you more systems to help you start, grow, and manage a successful childcare business. To join us in our course, be sure to click here.