Childcare Owners Make Mistakes In Classrooms Too

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about the number one mistake that you’re making when implementing systems in your childcare classrooms.

I want to be very honest and frank and say that I’ve seen this happen across the nation. And I’ve even had clients that I warned against doing this. But for some reason, it just feels easier and seems easier for owners to make this number one mistake. The number one mistake that owners make is that they allow teachers to set up their classrooms. 

Now the reason why I suggest that that is a mistake is because when you set up foundation systems, you want your foundation systems to be something that can be duplicated. And the way that we duplicate in childcare is to retrain, retrain, and retain good employees. So if you have a teacher that goes into your classroom, and you haven’t given them any direction or leadership as to how you want your classroom set up, and why that employee can go in the classroom and set it up the way she sees fit, or he sees fit, and you have no rhyme or reason as to why things are set up that way. I know I’m guilty of it. 

And in this industry, sometimes that’s like the best thing you can do is just let your teachers go in and do what they do. But I must warn you against making that decision, especially if your mindset is on multiple locations, creating training modules and training systems for staff, duplicating the processes, and implementing systems. And once you have the proper framework for freedom. With the proper framework for freedom, you must by any means necessary, lay your own foundation, according to having knowledge and wisdom on how classrooms are set up, of course. Then create a model around your foundation and continuously train your new teachers when they come aboard. 

So let me give you some strategies on what I think you can do to make that happen.

Number one, you can go into your classrooms and do your setup yourself.

We follow formulas in the Jumpstart School Of Systems. We have a classroom setup formula that we follow. And so if you have a formula that you follow, of course, it must already be documented or you have your standard operating procedures that you follow you will then go into your classrooms and implement that standard. 

Secondly, you can ask a professional to come along and help you with creating a floor plan.

A professional can come in, get the measurements of your classroom, and give you a layout that matches your standard operating procedures for how your classrooms are set up, what I love about this option is that the digital example can now be included in your staff training, staff meetings, and on your whiteboard while you’re up having a meeting with your team and training your team. 

So the digital format of it is a really good idea. But if you notice, in both of those options, no one laid the groundwork except for you – the childcare boss. You must implement those systems yourself. Know exactly what you want to do when it comes to setting up your classroom. This is how you support classroom structure. This is how you support classroom systems. And this is how you support teacher retention.