Designing Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love

When I got started in the childcare industry, I realized that there was something that I was missing because I wasn’t succeeding like I knew I could in my business.  When I asked God to help me get started and to start over again right, he did. I had the early childhood certifications but I was lacking business development skills.

One of the things I noticed is that I didn’t have to have any business experience to own and operate a childcare business.  All I needed to have was just the minimum requirements for my education purposes in order to become a childcare business owner.  That’s where a lot of you are right now.  I get so many emails stating:  I’m going to school for my early childhood care and education degree, I’m going to school for my masters.  These are great tools to have.  You must have them to shine, but then there are other parts of the business that you must know as a childcare business owner. I found this out the hard way. After hiring and firing over 40 staff members per year, struggling to increase enrollment, opening and closing my own center, no leadership skills and just the lack poor preparation I realized something about me needed to change. It wasn’t anyone else fault, it was my very own, lack of skills.

I needed to gain more skills to manage to childcare business that I loved.  After years of self- development, reading, attending seminar after seminar I finally got it! I got the IT to have a successful business. I created the Design Your Life Around a Childcare Business You Love because I saw so many people struggling with childcare management, leadership issues and fear.  So many people are struggling with stepping out and really pursuing their goals. You struggle in your childcare business because you lack the business skills and the leadership skills to get out there every day and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

One thing I know and you can write this down in your book, write this down right now, God will not give you a desire and not help you fulfill it.  He said that he will give you the desires of your heart.  If you desire to own and operate your own childcare business, that means the way has been made.  Earlier today I posted get out of your own way.  Some of you are stopping yourselves in your own mind.  You’ve just got to start with what you have.  You don’t have to start out perfect.  I’m a living witness.  I started out in my home.  I used what I had.  What is it that God has given you to work out your vision?  What is it?  He does not lie.  If he said it, he will do it.  He has given you the ability and the power to create wealth, but what have you done with it.

That is why I created the Design Your Life Around a Childcare Business You Love.  We’re going to deal with just more than opening up your childcare business or taking it to the next level.  There is that personal development that you need because when I enrolled 20 children in one day, I immediately hosted a class and begin to teach others how to do the same. After coaching my top level client on the enrollment strategy,  she in-boxed me and said;  we did 13 kids in one day.  It can be done.

She was only seven away from reaching the goal that I did.  Twenty kids in one day can be done, but guess what it took?  It took some personal development.  I fully realize that you just can’t know the how-to in order to build your business, you’ve got to have the habits.  See, success doesn’t start and just happen overnight, it happens after being faithful over habits that you form in your business.  I want to just expose some things because it’s necessary for you to identify where you are and why this course, Design Your Life Around a Childcare Business You Love, is what you need and it’s what you need in your business.

The first thing you’ve got to do is to realize you’re worthy of investing in yourself to get the information that you need.  That’s number one.  That was a mind shift that I had to make.  I could buy clothes.  I could buy shoes.  I could buy food.  I could buy everything and until I shifted in my mind that I needed to buy what it took for me to grow my business, I would have remained the same.  You guys would not have known that I own a daycare had I not shifted my mind to know that hey in order for me to go to the next level, in order for me to open up my business, I can’t buy the shoes, I can’t buy the clothes, I couldn’t ride in a fancier car at that time because I had to make a mind shift. Some of you are right there.

Number one, you’ve got to prepare yourself for opportunities.  How do you prepare yourself for opportunities?  Opportunities, they come when you’re looking for them.  Some of you don’t know when the opportunity comes because we’re not really looking for them.  You say you want to have a successful childcare business.  You say that you want to take your business to the next level, but are you seeking out next-level opportunity?  Are you preparing your business to go to the next level?  Are you setting up the systems in your business that you need?

If you don’t know the systems, are you purchasing the information that’s available to help you set up the system?  I’m going to tell you, there’s a limited amount of what you can do for free in your business.  I don’t know anybody that built a successful business off of what’s free.  The person built their building off of preparing for opportunity.  You’ve got to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for opportunities.

This is why this course is for you.  It’s amazing. It was mind shifting for me.  I really didn’t know how to share it.  I remember the Lord had put it on my heart, I didn’t know how to get it out.  I didn’t know how to say it because it just involved so much, but now is the time, I’m ready.  I’m ready to help you.  I’m ready to help 12 individuals go to the next level. Find out more by clicking the link today!