Documenting Procedures Correctly

Hey, you guys. This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, and welcome to today’s blog post. I’ve got a question for you. Are you in a place where you’re trying to create your systems and you don’t really know how to document your procedures so that you can turn it over to your team and they can implement your expectations? If you’re trying to figure this out, you’re at the right blog post! Today, I’m going to give you my processes for documenting correctly.

One of the biggest challenges that most childcare business owners face is that they’ve never been exposed to executive level management or they’ve never been a creator of their own proprietary systems. If you’ve never done those things before, then creating systems for you could possibly mean putting sheets inside of a binder and calling it a system. What I teach childcare owners is so much more intellectually in-depth. You will need to understand that all parts of your business make up your system. In order for you to have a system that really works, it’s going to come from your ability to correctly document your procedures.

In today’s blog, I’m going to show you five simple steps that you will definitely want to include in each process that you document. I’m going to help you lead with a list that contains the following information.

Number one 1

The reasons why following procedure is important, including what can go wrong if it’s not followed. The essential reasoning behind giving this type of information to those that operate in your childcare business is so they can develop a passion for the error never happening in your business. If we tell a person about handwashing when you enter into the classroom, instead of them seeing it as a task, we want for them to develop a passion that not following the hand washing rules results in their own bodily exposure to bacteria and germs, and also what happens to children, and then the consequences of what happens when it’s not followed. Now it becomes a personal accountability and not just the thought of it’s another task. Allowing a person to know what can go wrong if it’s not followed gives them the full scope of their responsibility; it’s not just a task, but it’s a bigger picture at this point.


Number two 2

Priority level compared to other tasks. You want to identify what’s priority in your classrooms or in your office as compared to other tasks. One of the ways that I encourage prioritizing tasks in your childcare business is through using the Jumpstart Daily Productivity Kit. What this program includes is your system for every successful childcare business to follow and create a daily routine that’s done for you through my assistance. When you understand priority level, as compared to other tasks, you will find yourself accomplishing 70% to 90% more, just by taking care of the priority tasks, than you would if you did not identify what’s priority in your business so that others can make sure that they follow it as well.

Number three 3

Everything the procedure affects. When I work with my clients on creating systems, I walk them through the full journey of how one overlooked task or procedure can affect the whole operation of their childcare business. The reason why is because everything that a procedure affects requires it to be documented so that everyone who knows this procedure understands that if they skip a particular procedure, that is not just an incomplete task, but it affects the operations as a whole.

Number four 4

Everything and everyone who might need to be contacted to complete the task. Whenever you are turning over your operations and creating systems, it is so important that you have your task management list completed, so that everyone in your organization knows who is responsible for which part of your organizational tasks being completed. It fosters peer-to-peer accountability, but it also opens up for better communication among themselves as a team. Documenting this procedure is not you utilizing a person’s name per se, but it definitely includes utilizing the role’s name. This is one of the second lessons that I teach in my 8-week coaching program – how important it is to have a full bird’s eye view of your operations as a whole. We can accomplish this through our task management system.

The next one is

Every tool that’s necessary to have in place before the tasks begin. You want to be sure that your documented procedures tells a person everything that they would need in order to complete the assigned task. To begin, the essential most important tool that a person needs to complete tasks will be a checklist. I work with childcare owners on creating checklists, documenting the correct way, and jot sheets to help them move their business forward in a successful manner.

As your coach, I will guide you through eight weeks of accomplishing your management systems for better operations. I can’t wait to work with you as your coach. If you’re interested in a 30-day discovery, please give me a call by signing up today. Log on to www.AndreasJumpstartStrategy.com.