Effective childcare management secrets

Are you a childcare business owner and your classrooms are disorganized, lacking classroom flow, constantly dealing with teacher turnover and poor management of material? 

Or are you a childcare business owner and you just like for your childcare business to be managed more effectively, especially your classrooms? 

If so, today’s blog will assist you in learning how to change those areas in your business. 

The first thing we want to do is clearly defined classroom management. Classroom management from the School Of Systems means how well the classroom flows. With the ability to keep your classrooms following a schedule, team members are skilled in a variety of areas such as curriculum teaching, nurturing, and safety. And finally, awareness and skills in daily hygiene, cleaning, and disinfecting of the environment. These areas and classroom management are essential for the classrooms to dictate the behavior of staff and children who are inside your classrooms. 

Another area that I want you to clearly understand is classroom setup. Classroom setup is an essential piece to create an effective management standard for your classrooms. Your management standard from your classroom is really easy to accomplish, but it must have a sense of classroom setup. Before you go in and try to manage it has to be a foundation that you create training around so that that training is going to help your classrooms have proper management. So let’s go into what classroom setup means: classroom setup is an essential piece of classroom management to support teaching, learning, behaviors, and staff accountability. Classroom setup also means the moving of furniture around from one place to the next, pulling up or changing displays, and rearranging how children are seated around the classroom or grouping together. These definitions are our way of defining them in the School Of Systems.

However, if you were to look online, you wouldn’t find much on Google to help you understand this for childcare. But in my experience of owning and operating the childcare business, I realized that classroom setup must be performed by a style guide and from the CEO. Let me explain to you what those pieces include. 

Your classroom setup includes your furniture, the size of your furniture, the displays in your classrooms, how high your displays are, and how your displays are managed. It also includes the classroom arrangement, and how you have your rooms arranged. 

For groupings, how you group your centers, your children, and your material. For numbering, how do you manage your classrooms using a numbering system? 

For center flow is how well your center flows from left to right or right to left including where your centers are within your center flow. Centers meaning the areas where the children have a concentrated skill that they are learning.

Classroom setup also includes the amount of materials you have, how your materials are maintained and kept, and the access levels to your materials. And finally, classroom setup has everything to do with safety. Be assured that you provide a classroom that is set up that promotes safety over everything else in your childcare business. 

Now, with that being said, these are essential for you to manage your business, classroom management, classroom setup, and classroom style guide. 

A style guide is for your layout materials, set up your color codes to promote consistency throughout your classrooms as a whole. Once you define these areas, then you’re able to create a training PowerPoint. This training PowerPoint is what you can use to show the before of your classrooms and the after of your classrooms. Give teachers insight as to how you want your classrooms to be managed. Classroom management should include all of the areas under classroom setup and all of the areas in the classroom management and then you create your guide.

Your guide is to show your teachers what it looks like before or not applying your strategy. And then what it looks like after applying your strategy of managing your room, keeping a classroom set up, and following the style guide. 

There is so much more to this topic that I love to go into deeper. We’d love for you to become a part of the School Of Systems where you can learn more about classrooms and how they are managed. 

Until next time, remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.