We’re going to be discussing the Power Of An Employment Recruiting Strategy. 

Recruiting employees in this day and time is quite different than it was three to five years ago. 

The harvest for employees was more plentiful, and employees would show up in your facility to apply. Now, everyone uses QR codes, websites, and landing pages so employees can apply while on the go. If you haven’t started using QR codes, landing pages, and websites then you want to implement this employment strategy right away.

Now this employment strategy will work for you if you’re interested in building your systems online, or if you already have systems online use this strategy for potential employees to go online and learn more about your organization.

#1 Build Rapport. Once a person finds out that you’re hiring, have a system online that would encourage them to ADD THEIR INFO INTO YOUR DATABASE as this builds rapport and it offers them a chance to learn more about your organization.

So this could be accomplished through a landing page. Once the individual is introduced to more about your organization, offer them the opportunity to obtain some credit units online by going through your own back office. Now, don’t you worry about being the one to certify the training? There are so many trainings that are available online and absolutely free. That once a 

person goes through your back office and signs up, these pieces of training will be readily available to them, and they can learn new skills before they arrive. You can also include in your workflow a way for them to send you proof that these classes have been done.