Enrollment And Staff Retention Gifts For Child Care

Today’s proven management solution is to help childcare business owners make sure they have the right branding components to increase their enrollment. 

So let’s get started!

The first is goodie bags. 

So this is our branding experience here in the School of Systems. 

  • The new enrollment bag
  • The teacher hiring bag

Let’s walk through these branding systems and give you some behind-the-scenes as to how it is done. 

The first bag is once the person comes on tours, you want to have your own branded bags.

Some of the brand-new pieces that I give out in our bags are our workbooks that come along with the Jumpstart School Of Systems. So what these workbooks do is it helps the children with pre-writing. Finally, the best gift that we add to the gift bags is the Little Big School.

Our Little Big School is a daily walkthrough of a day in childcare. So we asked parents to read this to the children for their first day so that they have some understanding of what their first day in childcare would be like. And if you read through this book, it gives them step by step on what a daily schedule is like in the life of a child that’s attending childcare programs. And our schedules typically flow the same across the United States. 

We offer meaningful and branded items in our goodie bag that encourage parents to tell others about us, especially when they scan the QR code. They’ll find out more about our program, our referral program, and a great warm welcome, welcoming them to our childcare program. So this is why we definitely encourage a goodie bag for enrollment systems like this to increase your brand. 

Now with that goodie bag, I give my team systems so my team is able to follow my system for everything that I want in the goodie bag. And then I have special containers that are located in reach of my office admin team. They’re able to keep my goodie bags created. I have a daily limit of how many goodie bags should be readily available every single day and I ensure that we have the right fixings to put in the bag so that my bag system doesn’t fall away but it keeps continuing on and perpetuating.

So then the next one is our hiring station. My hiring station SOP is full of step by step checks that we want our admin team to do when it comes to bringing on a new team member. We also like to give our team members the bag so here is our SOP that we follow for the goodie bag system. 

We also have it on our hiring flip chart. So as we introduce our new hire to our program to follow in the flip chart, they can also read that they should grab their sweet treat bag and it tells them what’s in a sweet treat bag.  Inconclusion, it gives the team member a connection to you because they received a gift on their first day.

We have a complete system that we share at the School Of Systems if you’re looking to create a bigger, more robust brand, with the right systems laid out for you, and all you have to do is plug and play because I think you’re a great candidate for the Jumpstart School Of Systems. 

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All right, until next time, remember if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.