Find Your “Why” and Increase Your Enrollment

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Hello To All Family Childcare Home Association Attendees!

I am so excited that I had the most amazing opportunity on Saturday morning to help childcare business owners increase their enrollment!

The information that we shared with each other was mind expanding and game changing.

I offered my Enrollment Building Blueprint as a resource and WOW did we get down to business. We dealt with everyone’s “WHY” in the workshop.

One of my ah-ha moments was that I meet someone in my workshop that wanted to learn how to make more money in their childcare business. Some of the childcare business owners were shocked when she revealed her “WHY” for owing her childcare business. Her “Why” was the money.  I was very happy that she had the guts and the realness to admit that she wants to make more money in her business.

It’s moments like these that help you become more honest about your “WHY”.

It’s about the children no doubt. But let’s face it, without money there isn’t much you can do for children nor can you afford to market your business to get more clients. That’s a tough position to find yourself in.

But there is a way out! I want to offer you the enrollment building blueprint. The blueprint is exactly what I used to go to the next level in my business. It is a system that makes sense and will help you to clearly define your path for success.

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Once again it was amazing and I look forward to next year’s national event!