Finding New Employees By Hiring Based On A System

When you need new employees what’s the  first step you take?

Do you interview and hire them immediately because you need help now?

Are you having a hard time finding the people you want?

Are you hiring people out of your needs or your wants?

Do you need a teacher or staff member in your classroom immediately, therefore,  you hire them with a few uncertainties about their capabilities?

Do you have staff working in your classrooms and you really want to hire some one else but you took what came your way?

Several of these challenges can be avoided if you hire based on a system.

Hiring good staff based on a system is so much easier than hiring staff based on your lack of employees. You won’t feel rushed and you won’t have to make rushed decisions.

When you begin your hiring process, hire individuals with your mind thinking about improving what you already have. Creating your “Supreme Team” must be thought about while interviewing candidates.  The power of hiring individuals when you’re not in need will help you bring in the best staff members plus it helps you keep from making the wrong hiring decision.

It’s pretty hard to be choicely when you need someone ready in two weeks.  In fact,  on the other hand it’s pretty hard to find the best person and when staff just up and quits without warning.

Therefore the easiest way to handle the need for immediate teachers and satisfying your wants for the best and most excellent teachers is to go through a hiring process once per quarter.

Don’t wait until you need someone, hire on a system so that you can have a file drawer of qualified applicants.

Remember, that sometimes the best candidate won’t always “do” well with your work environment, therefore bringing on two to three candidates for individual observations before you provide a job offer will work best for you.

If you haven’t created your own system, try my Hiring and Retaining The Right Director.