Finding New Staff With This System

Many childcare business owners come to me. The first thing they say when it comes to staffing is, “Nobody wants to work. I can’t find any staff.” I believe that for every problem there is a solution. The key to having a solution is to think differently.

I don’t want you to think like the average childcare business owner who believes the hype. Yes, we are in a crisis. Yes, we are in a pandemic. I’m not erasing that. If you don’t know what to do to solve the problem, then you will continue to stay in that circle and believe the hype. Let’s get beyond the hype with some information that will help us shift our framework. Your framework is your mindset, your way of thinking, and your belief systems. These are embedded and ingrained in you, causing you to process information in a certain way.

Today, I want you to erase that old framework. Let me show you a system that will help you get to the solution by finding out the problem. I have my whiteboard here with me, and I have my black pen. Let’s get ready to learn a little bit.

The first thing I want you guys to recognize is that everything that I create for you is a system. I have a system called FTP. This is my very own, proprietary system that I developed. Nobody in the industry has taught me this. If you hear it again, just know it came from Coach Andrea.


I want you to get a sheet of paper and write FTP. This is your Find the Problem System. One of the things I want you to do is I want you to learn how to grade yourself. See if you have met or exceeded expectations in your program. I want you to write on the side, MET. I want to give you the formula to help you either meet or exceed expectations.

The first area in your business is to determine where the problem is when it comes to staffing. Let me help you clarify where you are in this spectrum. First of all, if you are a childcare business owner, you do understand that the most valuable time that you can put in your business is time hiring staff. That’s the first framework I want you to believe as we go into this formula.

The second identification that I want you to walk away with is if you are going to hire individuals, then you have to have a hiring system in place. Years ago, we were able to hire based on individuals walking through the door. Now, with the pandemic in place, you want to be supported with information. You want to have information on how to do things a little bit differently.

You can do your research right now, online, and you can see where what we call AI, which is your autoboots. They are helping bigger companies to find the best leads. You know what? There are also some blogs online that state that using artificial intelligence is done away with. Now it’s time to get down to business and meet people where they are.

Now you need new information to help you to transition into this new 2020 year. In order for you to transition into this new 2020 year, we are offering you information to help you change your framework. This is going to be some new information that’s going to help you change your framework. When you use this FTP System, it’s going to help you find the problem. Now that you all are ready for me to dive in, listen up, here we go.


The first step is marketing. Normally, when clients have a hard time finding staff members, they’re either not marketing, under marketing, don’t have a marketing message, or don’t have an ideal staff member that they’re wanting to attract. They’re inconsistent. They started one day, do a little bit one day, but they aren’t consistent. Now I want you to rate yourself and determine if you are truly marketing consistently every single day. This is how you’ll be able to grade yourself. If you don’t understand this portion, then this next step will help you grade whether or not you’re doing your marketing.

E means employee interview. Your marketing that you do in your business should result in you having an employee interview. If you are having interviews because you are marketing, then that means your marketing is working. If you are not having interviews, but you are marketing, that means your marketing is not working.

Let’s move on. Let’s say your marketing is working, you are conducting interviews, but your interviews are not converting into trainings. We all know that an individual has to be in our program for at least 30 days so that they can begin the onboarding process. The first and original training that an individual receives upon hire is called orientation. Orientation is completely different from entering into your training systems, which is your onboarding system.

Now, let’s go back to the formula to determine where the problem is. What happens if I am interviewing employees, but they’re not showing up to training? If they show up to training and they’re not lasting past 30 days, then that means that something is going wrong in my interview process. Now I need you to grade yourself. Do you have individuals that are responding to your marketing? They’re coming in for the interview, but they’re not converting to training, or they’re not staying past 30 days to enter into your onboarding training process.

Now that you’ve graded yourself, maybe you are going to find some help in the next step. The next step is training. As I stated before, when an individual is trained correctly, they will last beyond 90 days because of structure. Did you know that structure was the biggest determining factor in your employees staying long-term with you? If your training programs lack structure, then that’s why your door revolves every 30 days. This is the FTP formula that we’ll discuss more when you get your tickets to the Jumpstart My Childcare Success Conference.


Listen up, everyone. I’m not telling you that you are at fault or that something you’re doing isn’t right. We all know, we’re in a day and time where finding staff members is not the easiest task. What I want you to do is to change your framework and say, hey, whatever I can’t find, let me learn how to do better. Just in case I come across an employee that will work for my childcare organization, I’ll have the right systems in place, and I can confidently move forward.

Do you know that because many of you lack systems you don’t operate in confidence? You know that you don’t have time, you don’t have online systems, you can’t send them to a link, you can’t have them onboard through an online training program. Since you lack having systems, you need to free yourself up so that you can continue doing other things. Sometimes you just don’t do the work because it is so overwhelming when you think about it. I want to remind you that I’m going to help you get rid of the overwhelm and have a step-by-step blueprinted process to follow, so that you can hire your next MVP.

All right guys, I hope that you have enjoyed this information. Give this a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, and go and get your tickets right now: www.jumpstartmychildcaresuccess.com