For Better Quality You Must Train Your Staff BETTER

Are you a child care business owner and every day you seem to have your plate full of parent concerns, staff concerns or  complaints about your business? If so, I want you to study along in today’s blog post because I’m going to share with you four steps to ensuring quality customer service in your childcare business. 

As a childcare business owner and CEO, I know all too well of what it’s like to have my day compiled with parent complaints, concerns and issues that happen in the classroom, which were things that were literally out of my control.

One of the steps that I took to ensure my own sanity, peace of mind, and business operations was to put systems in place.

If you desire to be a better boss, this has got to be your primary focus for your childcare business. Your primary focus is to systemize your hiring systems and to systemize your parent complaint systems. I’ll share with you a few of my tips in the four tips below that I used. 

#1: Develop a desire to know what subjects to train your new hires and teams on for consistency and success. That’s right, when I first got started in the childcare industry, I never desired to know the in-depth secrets and subjects that I needed in order to train my team. Can you believe for the first three years of my childcare career, I weaned my way through my staff? I had unnecessary burdens and challenges because I did not desire to know the subjects that were required in order to train my team.

Years down the line I created my own new hire ongoing staff training system, and I concluded that there are over 217 trainings and operational systems that my staff needed to know in order for them to execute my vision and run my childcare business according to plan. 

#2: Another strategy that I want to share that will help you is to have a system for parent complaints. Parent complaints are typical and happen most always in our childcare business, especially when we’re dealing with the human factor. What’s the human factor, you ask? I’m glad you did. The human factor is although we may have systems in place, it’s completely hard for you to ensure that parents will receive the same service when you have humans that are delivering the service. On a funny note, even computers have problems and glitches and don’t always deliver as promised. Here’s what I’ve learned to do when handling my parents complaints and concerns because I have teachers in the classroom. 

Number One

I created an official parent complaint form.

This parent complaint form was created to help me weed out only the serious complaints that required my time. Number two, the parent complaint form alleviated me from having to train my teachers on what to say and what not to say. The only thing that my teachers had the freedom to do was to ask the concern, sympathize with the parent, and tell them to fill out the parent complaint form. Once the form was completed, it was then turned into my desk and I could call the parent, hear firsthand their challenges, and document my director findings, results and remedies. Do you know that saved me so much time and unnecessary complaints? I’ve always believed that if it is worthy of a complaint, then it must be written. 

By utilizing this process, I became more aware of what my business was encountering and what I needed to do to address those concerns. By making this form, it then began to trigger in me how I would respond to parents based on the system. After creating the followup form, my systems that I implemented right away became a part of my new hire systems. I then created subjects to train my teachers on to help us to eliminate as many problems as possible that parents were experiencing while their children were in my care. 

I do have my own staffing regrets and systems. That’s why I chose to create the Be a Better Boss Staffing System New Hire Entry Level Program. What this program would do for you is help you determine what systems you need to put in place by getting my list of 217 systems that every childcare owner must have in order for their childcare business to run smoothly and for you to train teachers on exactly what to do in your business. 

#3: The next strategy I used was agendas. When I created agendas for my team, I laid out my full year of subjects that my team and I would have trainings around. These trainings were very essential to the growth of my company, and they were capable of addressing concerns that typically happen around that time of the year. For example, each year we host a transportation and field trip training a few weeks before the summer program begins. Why do we offer that training to our staff? For continued education and to ensure that each staff member is aware of how our summer program transportation and our business is conducted during this time of the year. 

Over time, I learned how to systemize my trainings based on the calendar of my program. Don’t you see the greatness in training your team before they have to handle students full time and transportation, or if they have to handle students while they’re out and about on a field trip? Trainings like this cause your business to stabilize and prevent so much customer dissatisfaction.

#4: I also offer an open-door policy for my parents. My open-door policy allows my parents to feel free to voice their concerns, and I’ll give them my resolution for how we’ll handle the concern. Did you know that several parents complain but don’t want to be the one to say that a staff member isn’t doing their job according to their parents’ expectations? I find it funny, but I have had it happen in my business more than once. That makes me aware that my open-door policy for my parents and also providing a verbal description of how we’ll solve the problem is so comforting for parents and is necessary when creating your systems. 

I have a program that is a very affordable program for staff training and staff systems. I give you an introduction for how to create your systems and what systems you need to create. To find out more, go now by clicking here.