Go From Shopping To Selling Online.

How did Frances Davis homeschool her twins, run her childcare business, created a coaching program and onboard new staff all at one time?

Here’s How! So many childcare business owners don’t like technology. Just recently I’ve met a childcare owner who’s not interested in websites or anything that has to do with online. They’re comfortable with doing it the old way.

Some childcare business owners don’t  see the value of growing an online space because it takes a lot.

To grow your brand online like Bright Horizon, you have to learn a lot and be able to acquire a new set of skills in order to keep a do-it-yourself formula for your life and business.

And some childcare owners begin to feel overwhelmed when it comes to learning new systems. Nevertheless, if you want to stay current and on the cutting you must adapt to using online systems.

And for those of you who haven’t had enough proven success from using online systems, today strategies will help you with that.

#1 Start With Forming New Habits

First, In order to overcome a lot of these challenges, you must start with forming new habits. The reason why I want to talk about habits is because online is not new to you. It’s just the way you use online that has to change. Many of you are in the habit of shopping online but you haven’t developed the skill of positioning your brand online and becoming the seller.

Today I want you to change your mindset and become a seller instead of shopping online. I want you to think of ways to sell your services for your childcare business in the following ways. 

  1. You can become a seller online by giving people ways to find you online through your website. 
    • Use online forms that can be completed through Google Forms
    • Create retention strategies online for your current staff to submit job performance surveys and interest surveys of things they’ll be interested in doing in your company. 
  2. Sell through having a link on your website for parents to refer others to you making their referral process easy. 
  3. You can also use online for your childcare business to host your job openings. 
  4. You can host online job fairs through Zoom. 
  5. You can also sell products and services online that you’ve either created or that you can resell that will be beneficial for parents and their children. 

Let’s talk about how some of my clients have been able to use these strategies to increase their business. I started out talking about Frances Davis, who is a stay-at-home mom. She has two daughters, who are homeschooled. She owns a childcare program that requires staff and she trains as well as provides online orientation for her staff. And she’s also gone on to create products for her online store and she told me that she had sales for no less than $1,500 passively online. 

So the strategies that we’re talking about today can help you create income as well as stabilize your organization while you focus on the many other hats that you have to do in business. Frances Davis started using my coaching program when we first started the IOwnADaycare brand and during that time she was a childcare business owner and had no clue about systems. 

She started attending my training courses and learning about online systems and how these systems increase productivity. 

After learning how to build her business online and applying what was taught she spent time creating onboarding training online, her hiring flow for new staff, parent systems, and more! Setting time to work on her business and not in her business was a game changer for her. Now she creates training and products online which allows her to earn income, retire from day-to-day childcare, raise her grandbaby and save more of her time. 

I hope that you can see that there’s a better life and a better way for you once you submit to the process of putting your business online. 

She went on to create products and sell them online, not to mention it creates a passive stream of income.

 Not only did this work for Frances but it also worked for Sonya Hickey. 

Sonya created her website that included a staff portal. Her staff portal includes onboarding, orientation and ongoing staff professional growth and development lessons. Her website offers a way to improve staff retention as she tracks their progress and celebrates their success. Her team members are able to learn of her program expectations online. Sonya has utilized our online systems and has grown our business from one to two locations with a third site on the way. How is Sonya able to run multiple locations and expand her empire? She does it with online systems.

Online systems are the same processes that a person would engage offline with your business but now they are able to have those same processes and engage with your business online. 

With the right knowledge of what systems you want in place, you will find yourself able to get more done.

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