Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t find, hire and keep the right staff?

Before you give up on your dreams of having your own dream team, try this first. 

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t find, hire and keep the right staff? 

If you’re struggling with finding, hiring and keeping the right staff, that’s the best question to ask during this time. 

What’s Wrong With You?

I want to tell you about my story. I used to wonder what was wrong with me. And I know that a lot of people ask us to stay positive when asking God questions, but I really needed to figure out what the problem was.

 And I can tell you about three instances in my life where I experienced problems with hiring the right staff. 

#1 No Skills to Low Management Skills

My first instance, I opened my first commercial location without having any management experience, and hiring experience. I remember being hired and never receiving any handbooks that were supplied to me, but I would sign off on a document stating that I read it and now that I’m in management, and I’m running my own childcare business, the lack of skill and the lack of knowledge really hindered me in my beginning.

I was going through 50+ people in a year’s time because of my low capabilities. of hiring, finding and keeping staff. 

I’m glad I asked myself that question of what was wrong with me, because if I never asked myself that question, I would never have taken a look at the woman in the mirror.

 And of course, I started experiencing some turnaround, because I started doing more self improvement in my skill set of managing myself, managing people, creating leaders, and also creating systems in my childcare business. 

#2 Mindset For Always Be Hiring

When my turn around happened, it was after I acquired management and personal growth  skills. Always Be Hiring is a mindset that became a part of my weekly activities. That was when I started experiencing more results without feeling stressed, because of someone who was quitting,  but I now had the skills for growth by always having individuals  cycling throughout my process of hiring, orientation, onboarding and retention. 

#3 Making a Plan For Marketing For Staff

And then as I began to grow in locations, I realized that I too had to go back to the drawing board and improve my skill set. By improving my skill set, I acquired a hiring process for multiple locations. So not only am I looking for staff members, interviewing staff members, I learned to put a system in place to empower my team to be able to accept applications/resumes, begin the interviewing process on the spot, as well as I formulated business partnerships in my community that will allow me to hire in groups, to participate in events, setup company information at trade shows, and also to have my business information displayed. Creating partnerships like this because I needed my marketing working for me while I was doing other things in my business. 

#4 It’s NOT the Staff- It’s Your Skills 

So by me having this question of asking what’s wrong with me, I realized that my problem was not staff not wanting to work. My problem was me, understanding the market, staying current with the market trends, and also conditioning myself to win in any market.

I want you to know that your marketing conditions have a lot to do with you being able to utilize your current skills. For instance, 10 years ago, people would walk into your business where you were hiring. But after the turn in the economy, COVID and all the other variables that could be conditions as to why we don’t have the best individuals that will stay long term with us. We now see that marketing online attracts staff online. Using texting and web based applications is the current trend.

So that leads you to ask yourself, do my skill sets match the current trends that’s happening around hiring? 

Then you have to ask yourself when was the last time you’ve attended a course or you’ve attended a training that allows you to improve your skill set when it comes to these common areas? 

The common areas are marketing, sales, acquisition and retention. 

If you have not started thinking in those directions about improving yourself as the CEO, not changing and not seeking help for self improvement is the reason why you can’t hire and find good staff.

You also want to be aware that your daily habits and not having the right marketing mindset is also a hindrance in this current market. Right now there’s a market of people who are finding ways to hire team members because business must continue to go on. But if you don’t feel as if you are on the winning side of hiring staff, then that means that your daily habits and not having the right marketing and sales strategies is impacting your beliefs. So you move according to how you believe. If you believe that it is your responsibility as a CEO to keep your business abundantly supplied then you must not allow what’s happening around you to set you back. You have

to tell yourself a new opportunity is waiting for you and you must acquire skills to take advantage of it.

My client Dorothy Hunter  was just like you. She needed to bring in new staff. She needed to improve her hiring process, and she needed to learn new systems. She enrolled in our School Of Systems program. And while being enrolled, she also leveled up to the 30k program for time with me as her coach. During this time she had self reflection. She also began to use new technology and learn new systems, learning new systems of using our free Streamline app. She was able to attract new enrollment in her business and get the word out that she’s hiring.

She recently was able to go through the hiring process and use that hiring process as a way to create a hiring system. And then she arrived at her one on one coaching program with me to go over the systematic way that she used in attracting and hiring this individual. We began to strategize on how our systems were organized. 

And if they were sufficient for her to get the team member to apply and become a part of our team easily and effortlessly.

 Next, our goal is for  Dorothy to stop thinking so much about the paperwork and put her mind more on the experience of onboarding and retaining the staff member

So she asked herself the right questions. She said, “Coach, I want to find out why my hiring process seems to not retain good staff.” So we went through self reflection. And then she said, “Coach, I’m going to use the Streamline app to attract new clients and children and staff.” By using new technology, increasing her skill set of transitioning away from just coming into the office to utilize pre-created texts, pre-created emails and mobile automation. She was able to attract new clients. And then because she showed me her processes that she was using, we were able to look at her processes and teach her new systems right away that she should implement by giving her the visuals of what we do in the  physical School Of Systems location.

I believe that this type of experience that Dorothy had is typical and you can accomplish it as well in your business. To move you forward in that direction, don’t wait any longer. Our Learn New Systems Webinar will launch this week

And I don’t want you to be left out of what’s current, the trends and what’s happening in our market.

 Did you know that the industry is set to three times its capability of taking care of children? What does that mean for you? Right now, childcare is a $60.4 billion industry. It is on track to three times that amount by 2030. 

That means we are only seven years away from this industry. Triple is the capability of generating more wealth. If you want to stay in this wealth transfer in the childcare industry, improving your skills, becoming a marketer, improving your acquisition capabilities, and learning new systems is the way to go. 

You can join our webinar by clicking here.

And as always remember if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage. 


If you are like me and you scroll all the way through to the bottom, I’m explaining to those of you that are having a hard time hiring staff what to do in today’s economy that is to improve your marketing skill set. 

Create a system from the self reflection process that you have within yourself and using technology to help you shift from obsolete processes to what’s current and up to date. 

You can learn more about joining my webinar at www.learnnewsystems.com