Hiring Processes and Auditing

Do you have a hiring process that’s working for you, but you’re not really attracting as many people as you’d like? 

I would like to submit to you that maybe it’s time for your hiring process audit. 

Hey you guys, this is your coach Dr. Andrea Dickerson, and welcome to today’s blog posts. 

I want to encourage childcare business owners to find problems in their business and solve them.

Your number one responsibility as a childcare CEO is to ensure that you are fixing problems in your business through the process of systemizing, organizing, and improving the management of your business. 

You have been given the ability to maximize your full potential by having a business that will grow as large as you think. But you must begin to think bigger than where you are and think about sustainability long term. When you start thinking about how to sustain your company growth, you start to track what’s happening currently in your business, so that you can have quantitative data that will empower you to make your next move. 

To be able to capture quantitative data about your hiring process. I suggest that you go through the process of an audit. To go through the process of an audit, you must use data to help you determine what’s working in your hiring process systems. 

Just the other day, I was working with my top-tier client, Nicole, and she and I began to review her new hire process in order to create her job flowcharts. While going through the process, we were able to determine checkpoints that were necessary in order for her to track quantitative data. 

Not many clients are prepared for this next move of quantitative data through audits because they are not using any type of automation, such as a human resource department to track applicants, increase new hires orientation, onboarding, retention, as well as resignations or those who quit. But if you’re not tracking this information, then 9 times out of 10 your childcare hiring process is in need of an update in order for you to truly experience what’s working and what’s not working in your business. You must start the auditing process. 

Here are a few numbers that you want to begin to track. Track the following:

1. Your marketing efforts. How much are you spending to get your flyers, Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, etc? 

Are you using your local newspaper? Are you using a tracking identifier on those ads?

Calculate all of what you are spending to get your message out there. 

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2. Who’s responding to your marketing? Do you have individuals that respond? If so, who’s responding on Facebook, the newspaper, or your billboards? Who’s responding to your lawn flyers or your door-to-door marketing pieces? 

There should be tracking data on each different marketing piece, so that you will be able to have quantitative data of who’s responding and the amount of people who’s responding to that marketing piece.

3. Next, once they respond, do you have automation in the back office that will track their progress from applicant inquiry through test assignment through interview through reference check through offer through nurturing through hiring through onboarding process through orientation all the way through retention? 

Do you have systems that track that content?

4. Next, how often are you reviewing what’s happening in your hiring division or department? After you’ve made this a part of your process for your hiring, this is what you call auditing. 

Once you have those numbers, then you can see where the problem is. And then you can work on fixing what the problem may be. 

So if you aren’t tracking then that’s the problem. Fix it. If you aren’t capturing an increase then your marketing is the problem. Fix that. If your team members aren’t arriving on site, ready to work, then it’s your test job assignment, fix that. If your inquiries are not making it through the automation process, then the problem is in your automation and your nurturing campaign, fix that. 

So I could go on and on about ways to improve your hiring process through auditing. But if you want to build out this type of process that requires strategy I do offer VIP days that begin at two days of working with me as well as this work can be accomplished virtually or in person. And there are so many perks to working with me.

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