Hiring Task for 50 Plus Employees

Hey there, childcare boss!

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners who lead over 50+ employees in their childcare business and you still feel the pressure of owning and operating your business and not having enough staff. 

Just recently, I had an amazing conversation with a childcare business owner who’s going into opening her sixth childcare facility, she serves over 50 plus employees, and she’s still frustrated. So this tells you that no matter how many sites and how many employees you will have, that part of owning or operating

a childcare business can and will be frustrating, especially when dealing with staff. 

But as your Coach I must tell you the truth, you must boss up in your mindset and understand that staffing comes along with owning this type of business. If you were expecting that this part of the business would be easy and that problems on the level only minimizes, then you may not have the proper expectations for owning and operating a childcare business. 

But if you understand that, as long as you are in a human-based business, you will need other humans to help you accomplish the task and to successfully accomplish this you must work on improving your skill set, your program operations and your company hierarchy. CEO TASK must be your focus. In order to improve in these areas you must admit that there are some challenges that your business faces that can be removed if only you knew how to remove them.

#1 Improper Company Hierarchy

Some of the challenges that business owners who operate with 50+  employees face is improper company hierarchy. 

If you started like I did, which was from the bottom with no childcare experience.

So one of the areas that I didn’t know much about and I’m sure you may be experiencing the same is company hierarchy. 

What happens after I extend my business from one location to multiple locations? How do my role shift and change as a CEO? I never thought about it until I started experiencing the same problems you’re experiencing. And I realized that my company hierarchy had to have a different infrastructure. 

The different infrastructure that company hierarchies require for those of you that have multiple childcare sites is that someone is assigned to the top three areas in your business that make it function.


For me, recruiting, marketing, and operations are the top three functions. I had to remove myself from recruiting, marketing and operations in order for me to continue to problem-solve in those areas of my company. 

So let’s focus on pillar number one recruiting

If you are the only person that’s recruiting, but you’re not full-time in that role, then you’re not giving your business what it needs in order to be successful. When you manage 50+ employees, if five of those employees don’t show up, that can impact your operations. So why chance it?  In order to walk as a seven or eight-figure CEO without ever having to go into your business you must pull that recruiting role from you and give it to someone else. 

The reason why is because someone has to be in the role of recruiter full time with full-time responsibilities, and full-time accountability. This is the only way for your business to keep up with the task for bringing in top-producing employees.

There’s so much more that I’d like to share with you. But I hope that by now I’ve given you some ‘Aha’ moments to focus on so that you can take your business to the next level. 

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