How I Make Money while i sleep

If you don’t know, let me walk you through what happened over the past year.

This year we launched our 2022 Childcare Conference which was amazing! At the childcare conference, we talked about automation, having systems in place, and streamlining your business. We went from hosting a conference to launching our own Streamline app.

The Streamline app is one of a kind. It’s made for childcare business owners who know how to build a business through people. So I teach here how to streamline your marketing, hiring, etc. through your fingertips with our Streamline app.

So that’s what is keeping me busy. Working with a whole new different team to support the app.

Secondly, I have started a weight loss journey. So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds.

And then, I also started Andrea Starts A Daycare journey. And that journey had me start the Jumpstart School of Systems.

Guys, I literally have my own school. And in my school, you can come and walk through a strategically set up school for you to learn the childcare systems. So that you would never have to continuously worry about how people can follow your systems again and again cause I’ll show what systems you need to put in place.

I also took some personal time, and I traveled for 28 days straight. I went to different places and out of the country to have fun. That’s what my June has been like.

And we have a huge client base. We’ve worked with our clients in getting their systems in place. Taking them to the process of Jumpstart Online Systems.

So every year to get a break from everything that goes on my journey. I plan and experience.

And my upcoming experience is called the Orlando Millionaire Experience. So I plan this experience for me to have my expanding moments where I live, travel and entertain larger than life. But what I also do is I bring about 20 people along with me – and these ladies and gentlemen come to go through my systems which are my Market Like A Millionaire Systems.

So we have fun and train during the day. Then we just really relax to have fun.

So let me tell you about my system, I’ve created a system for childcare owners who are bosses. It’s like you’ve mastered childcare, and there’s no way to go but up. You either multiply your location, or you begin to become a teacher of what you’ve learned. And so, the room will be full of entrepreneurs from all over the place. And we all go through the Market Like A Millionaire System.

This system is absolutely powerful because it’s a process that I use to help me stay on track with marketing my business. Now, the reason why I call it the million dollar system is because once I realized the industry that I was in which is the childcare industry is actually a billion dollar industry – meaning there are billions of dollars that are being made in this industry.

I wanted to go higher so I tapped into the industry that makes billions of dollars daily. Coaching, mentoring, product creation, and online services – are where billions of dollars are made daily. So now, I’m not restrained to capacity or staff or those requirements anymore because I have a product, a service, and an online system that teaches me how to deliver those products and services. Plus, I make money while I sleep through Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. I implement my marketing system on every social media platform and I make money.

So I’m calling out those of you who are in a place where you’ve mastered childcare and you are in a business where you’ve mastered the brick and mortar and you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level.

If that is you, I want to introduce you to the Market Like A Millionaire Systems Planner and to the Orlando Millionaire Experience which is the ultimate experience. So either one will be a life change for you!


Imagine with me for a moment…

Imagine you own very popular childcare business and you’ve mastered childcare. There’s really nothing else for you to do either keep duplicating childcare centers or get out of that cycle and do something greater.

Now imagine that you have a childcare business that turned into a nanny agency. So now you’re making money through kids coming into your center every day, and you’re making money through the same service but taking it to the people.

And then imagine that you go from nanny services to corporate childcare which means now people hire you to provide childcare services to private parties and events.

Then imagine, that you decided to create a book about childcare services. Now you’ve got a childcare center that turned into a nanny agency to providing corporate services, that has now turned into a book.

So even though you have all of these streams that came from one business, you’ve gotta learn how to market it and take it to the next level. And that’s what this system does.

When I just try to grow my business by just using my memory that’s when I got stuck. But when I got back into using my system that’s where everything flowed.

So now I’m offering you the opportunity to either check out Market Like A Millionaire Planner or Experience by going through www.theultimatemillionaireexperience.com

When you do, you’re going to discover how to take your ideas and implement a marketing system that will help you make money while you sleep.

Well, alright, guys! Thank you for allowing me to talk about my journey, what I’ve been up and what’s next!

Until next time!

And Remember, If You Manage The Childcare Business That You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!