How To Achieve Time Freedom In Business

Today, I want to talk to you about how to have freedom in your business. One thing I want you to realize is there are four types of freedoms that one can want to obtain.

  • Financial Freedom
  • Time Freedom
  • Business Freedom
  • Spiritual Freedom 

So let’s go through breaking down what these freedoms are so that you can determine which one is for you.

  • Of course, Time Freedom is the freedom that you get by having more time. 
  • And then you have business freedom. Business freedom comes from a place of being able to own the business but not have to work in the business.
  • And then you have spiritual freedom. Many of you are called by God to do something more than just childcare. As a matter of fact, childcare is a part of your calling, but it’s not all you do. You are a preacher. You are a teacher and you travel the world. You have a team of people that’s running a childcare business, but you still want to have a spiritual freedom where it doesn’t feel like a burden and a low to really have a passionate love for caring for children. 
  • And then we have the last freedom, financial freedom. And I believe all of us may want a level of financial freedom where you are creating the type of money that you’ve always wanted without it being hard.

Well, I think that if you can agree that all of these freedoms are well worth the time that it takes to accomplish them.

So for today’s training, I want to talk to you about time freedom, and some of the systems that you need in order to accomplish time freedom. 

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So for today’s training, let’s just deal with time. 

If you are going to accomplish time freedom, you have to have a few systems set up to support time freedom. Now time freedom is where you have systems in place that give you back more time. More time for your family, more time for yourself, more time to work on other ideas, more time to get things done. 

Now let me tell you something, no matter what people tell you. God provides for us 24 hours. He did it for Oprah. He did it for Andrea, He did it for you. Therefore, the only difference about us is how we spend our time. 

Let’s discuss the systems that support you having entire freedom. 

#1 The Jumpstart Your Day Daily Notepad.

You want to create accountability for your time. 

Now, in order for you to create accountability for your time. I want you to master THE SKILL OF task blocking. Task blocking is where you create a task and workflow for you as a CEO. Your task, and your workflow should accommodate the task that you want for the week. 

Now, the reason why you want to master your time is because once you master your time, you are effective in leading others into mastering their time. 

So here are some systems that you need for the others that work with you in your organization. 

Some of those systems are task management systems. 

Task management systems should be set up daily just like your systems so that you can promote productivity. You will also set up the daily task management system with the times in which you want these tasks done. 

So your admin team knows upon arrival that they need to do x y, z upon closure, they do X Y, Z during midday, they do x y, z, and they know what time these tasks need to be done in your organization. 

Then the next one is you need opening systems and closing systems. 

Your opening system gives your team a jumpstart for their day. They’ll know exactly what to do to get done in your business because you are now gaining more time by delegating tasks and these tasks are must-haves that have to be done in your business every single day. So these tasks include opening tasks and closing tasks. 

And then you want to have audit systems. 

Audit systems are the systems that you put in place to go behind your team and ensure that your team’s tasks are interconnected. For example, if it’s time for my full program paperwork to be submitted, my kitchen team has to submit their daily numbers to my admin team and my admin team has to make sure those daily numbers are submitted in the closeout. The closeout is submitted to me as the CEO. Now when that closeout is submitted to me as a CEO that goes all the way back to my kitchen help, ensuring that the morning arrival head counts we’re done. 

The snack head counts were done. The lunch head counts were done. And the dinner head counts were done. Because before they could leave for the day, those head counts had to be turned in to my admin team who then includes those numbers in the daily close out. So those tasks are interconnected. But it also affords me more time to do other things. Because before either one of my lead team members can leave for the day, those tasks have been assigned, and they must be done. 

So now I don’t have to sit and micromanage and I don’t have to feel as if I can’t take a trip and my business doesn’t work without me because my tasks are now interconnected. My systems are in place to support the process in which I want things done and now I’m free and I have more time to be able to get other things done and have my mind off of the minute it on to the bigger picture that I have for my organization. 

Well, all right guys. That’s a lot of information, right? But there’s more. There are three other freedoms that I didn’t even have a chance to go through. But you can get those freedom steps by registering for our upcoming webinar.

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