How to build a coaching business from your knowledge

For today’s proven management solutions, I want to talk to childcare business owners who are interested in starting a coaching business from their knowledge. If this is something you’re interested in then continue reading this blog.

Right now people are googling the information that you currently possess. They wanted to know how you were able to do it, what’s been made easy for you, or what’s simple for you. They’re googling it, and trying to save time.

We’re in an economy where it doesn’t take 10 to 20 years anymore to accomplish something. In today’s culture, it’s easy to just google, “How to start a daycare”, and there will be loads of information that’s going to come up. 

What’s The Secret To Being Found Online?

In my opinion, I created content that talked about what changes in my daycare business actually changed my life, and that is putting systems in place. 

#1 Create Positive Content

I started blogging positive content online, and through social media. Next,  I’d attach links that will drive them into my blog. While in my blog, I would mention my book, How I Did It! Daycare Success. And that caused my book to sell fast!

 You guys can grab this book for FREE (just cover the shipping) by clicking this link. 

#2 Have An Email List

The back office success secret is to have people sign up on my email list in order for them to grab the book, then continue to connect with these people through email by providing them valuable content that will help their business grow without investing anything. 

So when the moment came when I asked them to purchase a ticket because I am hosting an event such as the Ultimate Millionaire Experience, they had already experienced a change in their business, or something caught their interest, or I offered an answer to their questions. So they thought, “Yeah, that’s my coach! I’m coming for more!” Once they signed up for the event, our relationship continues.

#3 Have A Long Term Impact

So what did I do? I took my knowledge of nine steps that I follow consistently in my business that changed the game for me and now I deliver my content through videos, audio, home study programs, networks (Jumpstart Bosses of America), online training program (Jumpstart School of Systems) and through a physical site  JS Building and with the Systems To The Rescue Tour).

So all of these things are an output of just one book, and that is How I Did It! Childcare Success.

#4 What Can You Do Now To Get Started? 

Start creating content that can inspire an audience of people, start posting quotes that can motivate them, start connecting with your audience and start driving them to your website to read your blog. 

Once they do, start promoting your book. You can start it really easy just use Google Docs, or Microsoft Word, or delegate this to someone who knows how to do the right format, and you’ll be on your way. 

These simple and easy steps can actually provide you with 6-7 figures in your business that is outside of your childcare business.

As I always say, if you get your systems in place, you can truly scale your knowledge and information and that’s exactly what I did. 

And Remember, If You Manage The Childcare Business That You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!

Thanks for reading!