How To Create Systems From Your superpower

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about how to create systems from your superpower. So if you’re ready to find out the secrets that I’ve used to become an effective business, be sure to read this blog.

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So let’s talk about some of my secrets that I’ve used to become an effective childcare business owner. Because truth be told when I first got started in childcare, nobody talked to me about being effective. I didn’t even have that as a train of thought. I had never worked in childcare before and never managed people before and didn’t have any children of my own before. So only God knew why I was operating in the realm of childcare. But I believe that that was something I was supposed to do, and overall, I really enjoyed it.

I had a really good time serving my community. But then things begin to get real. And when I say get real, my payroll was more than what some people make in 12 months. I had to have that type of money every 30 days. And a large percentage of my income went out to operating expenses like facility operations and also payroll so when those big dollar ticket items started being prevalent in my journey, I realized I got to start thinking more like a business owner and be more effective. Having a love for children is required but what’s also required that I didn’t have was the effective skills of owning my business. So then I had to self-grow and develop and I had to figure things out. So today I’m gonna give you what I did to figure these things out. 

Number one, the first thing that I learned to do was recognize my top-producing skill set. 

Now for me, I enjoy teaching. I mean, I loved it. I went back in my mind and I started thinking about when I was like six years old. I used to play school. Other kids play house, and I play school, so I will get baby dolls and I would name my baby dolls, take attendance and teach a lesson from in front of the baby dolls. And when I would teach my lesson I would give them little worksheets that I created and then I will do the worksheet myself and make some mistakes intentionally so I could go back and teach the baby dolls. 

Furthermore, I created my own flashcards, number cards, my own circle time, community boards, and bulletin boards I’ve created so much content, including children’s books, workbooks, and coloring books. I’ve done all of that because teaching is what I love to do. That’s my top-producing skill set. 

So what I had to do was figure out how I can systemize my top producing skill set and change the way the business is operating and change how I operate my business. So then that’s when I started realizing over time that I need to take myself from the classroom, from the director seat, from the admin seat, and operate in my top performing skill set which is teaching. So then I systemized my calendar with a 10-week teacher training program. And with that 10-week teacher training program, allowed me to use my top producing skill which was to train my teachers on how to operate my business work, do my curriculum, use my workbooks and use my coloring books within my facility. 

By doing that I was able to position myself in my community as Brunswick’s #1 childcare provider because I use my own proprietary systems that I created and then I systemized it and taught it to my team. I systemized it, meaning I organized it so that it can be repeated over and over again by someone else. I also included myself as the trainer of my program. I began to train my teachers on my curriculum, all my program operations, and all my program systems on customer service, I began to train my team on all of the expectations that I have for my program.

So can you imagine this little six-year-old girl loving to teach now taking that top producing skillset and turning it into a seven-figure business all because I enjoy doing what I love which is teaching? Now you might be saying well, “How do I do that coach? How do I add that into my business?” Well, maybe your skill set is working in your classrooms. Now you need to take and write down everything you do in your classroom, document the process that you do step by step, and create an amazing system forward. Then create videos, use images, and train your team, put it in a PowerPoint presentation and train your team. When you start taking your top-performing skill set and adding it to your business. It will ultimately shift the game for you. 

Now maybe many of you aren’t really clear about what your top-performing skill is. Because you may be just like me where when you started, you learned to do it all, and you may still be doing it all in your business. And you may be asking, “How do I take my skill of doing it all and systemize that?” Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are systems. But you could take each day and do something towards documenting the processes that you do and your childcare business.

And let me tell you, when you do, you are going to find that giving this information to others, whether it’s through video, images, PowerPoints, or live and in person will be effective and it will be easier for you to implement because you would have already put the foundation in place. 

So if you don’t know about putting the foundation systems in place or if you don’t know about creating that next level of your system from your top producing skill set, then join me at the Learn New Systems webinar where we’re going to go over three foundational principles. That’s going to change the game for you.