How To Deal With Staff That Sabotage Your Childcare Business


Hey, everybody! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, and I’ve got a question for you. Are you dealing with staff that you can no longer trust working with you in your childcare business?

Are you suspicious that maybe there’s someone who’s trying to sabotage your name, your business, your enrollment, or even your ability to have a license?

If so, continue to read because I’m going to help you shift your thinking on how to deal with staff that sabotages your childcare business.

Sabotaging childcare businesses seems to be very prominent nowadays in the childcare industry.


It’s something that I’ve heard many childcare business owners talk about and what I’ve experienced myself, dealing with staff that sabotage your business. Today I want to encourage you to follow a few steps, put them in place, so that you can prevent as much as possible upon hiring your team. If your team is already in place, you can implement these few strategies right away to help protect you and your business.

#1 I believe that from my experience of having a team of people defame my name, character and business on social media, that it has taught me a few things that I want to share with you. Number one, I want you to mark your calendar for a day to sit down with a business formation attorney. Your business formation attorney will sit with you and discuss prevention methods for your business name, integrity and brand. These prevention methods may include a few of the suggestions that we have below. We are in no way a business formation attorney; we are only offering suggestions that we’ve encountered with sabotaging employees.

#2  Consult with your attorney for literature in writing, or documents, that helps protect your character. Defamation of character is a definite document that you would want for your attorney to write up to protect you and your brand.

#3 A Non-disclosure, non-compete agreement. This non-disclosure, non-compete agreement should include verbiage that protects your business from staff who would deliberately discuss your business trade secrets, your business strategies, your business confidentials, or your children and staff in the community or among others. The way you express your non-disclosure and the way you discuss your non-disclosure upon hiring or upon presentation will definitely give the impression that you’re serious about your business and about your business moving forward.

Next, you want to include a policy that in the event that they were to leave your organization, that they would be under great watch from contacting your current staff or contacting your current parents. In the event that parents were to, whether willingly or unwillingly, join them in another childcare business, they would be liable for up to $10,000 of payments to you. These are things that you will want to discuss with your attorney. Whenever you start writing documents that are legal and present them during the employment process, or present them during a time when your employees are coming onto your organization, it definitely sets the tone that you are a zero tolerance organization.

Sabotaging employees must be recognized immediately upon the first time. I believe that although your business may have experienced sabotage from an employee, that is nothing new to you. You noticed that you saw it, but you did not take action.

Here are a few characteristics of sabotaging moments and employees that happen in the childcare industry.

A. When employees draw back from being engaged in your organization. When employees draw back from being engaged, you know that there is something going on internally that could cause a blow up.

B. Employees who constantly call out on the days when your state inspector arrives. I can’t pinpoint and say that this is accurate, but it has happened with me with an employee that sabotaged my organization several times.

C. Another activity that you can recognize with employees is when they treat the job as if they don’t care. When they don’t show up on time, call out and are very negative about everything, those are key signals that there is sabotage that’s on the way.

D. Also, be careful about those employees that come into your office demanding pay for a job that they’re not performing.

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