How To Manage Multiple Childcare Center

Can you take five weeks and change the game in your business?”

Here’s My Story:

I remember when I first got started in childcare I saw myself operating a big corporation. I saw myself meeting with a team of people from a conference room. I saw myself not as the owner/operator but as the visionary/owner of the business.

And just a few weeks ago, I was on the line with my virtual team, going over our strategy, given leadership and direction, and my son said to me, “Mom, did you ever see yourself running like a whole office of people?”, I say, “Yes”. And right then it hit me. Now is the time to get that headquarters. So, in 5 weeks, I did it! I took the leap and opened my headquarters office, because I’m determined that I’m not going to continue to operate the way I did. My mindset changed and now I’m moving my business forward.

What did I do? I set the goals, I set the plan, and I went for it.

So today, I’m going to give you the same motivation and inspiration.

Your takeaway from today’s training is, that when you set goals, you want to set goals to improve what happened the week before. 

You want to set goals to improve your operations, to improve your staffing, to improve business growth and development, to improve your technology, and to improve your finances. 

You want to set goals like that. And when you do, you want to set a time for when you will accomplish your goals over the next five weeks.

Another big challenge that many of you must face is your ability to stick with it!

If you don’t stick with your own goals, who else will help you to accomplish the greater things that God has in store for you? Nobody.

Introducing the Goal Accelerator

This is going to help you with greater achievement. One area that helps owners with greater achievement is the dream big section. In the dream big section, you have the opportunity to create five weeks of goals and to put the date when you will accomplish them.

This is so important because you are setting your intention for the goals that you want to accomplish in your business that week. What I also love about this kit that I think you’re going to truly value is the fact that there are plenty of weekly notes. So each week when you set your goals, you are more than free to write down the notes that support that goal. You are able to brainstorm and write freely what you’re thinking in reference to that goal.

Then, the next section that I really love about this goal accelerator that’s a game changer, and when applied, it will help you get everything out of your head is this brain dump section. Brain dumping is the key to you realizing your real true desires, getting it out of your head onto paper, and you have five weeks to do so.

Can you imagine brain dumping? Every single week, what will that do for your productivity?

It will take you from spinning your wheels to literally taking it out of your head putting it onto paper and giving you the energy motivation and encouragement to get it done.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how it applies to you in childcare.

So your first section is your office and organizational goals. Remember, when you set goals using the Goal Accelerator. This is for you to think about what happened last week and set goals to change so that you are improving your business, week by week.

So this is what I do. There are five weeks that you walk through this process. And every week you are setting a goal to change what happened last week.

For instance, there’s a prompt that says “List all the areas that apply to accomplishing several office tasks that will help you accomplish your office goals”. 

Is it creating a system for the following areas? Your desk, your emails, your phone scripts, filing cabinets, curriculum, binders. So it identifies the must-have areas for you to create a goal around improving.

For example, you may have had a challenge with team members referencing your standard operating procedures because your binders were not organized.

Then this week you will set a goal to organize your binders. So you will highlight binders and then you will set your system for what you’re going to put in place to highlight the binders.

Now, don’t forget. You have that note section. That note section is where you’re going to sit down and strategize what about your binders you are going to improve.

Now you have a full goal and focus for the week that will improve your office organization and operations. All right. There are several other sections that follow the same type prompts from Business Administration, to staff management, to financial planning, decision making, and if you can’t tell by now guys, I love basing my success off of the Word of God. I’m just what you call a childcare preacher.

So there is a section for you to document your scriptures and each section will prompt you to create goals in the most important departments that will need your attention for you to grow and organize your childcare business.

I believe if you were to take the goal accelerator kit and if you were to implement five weeks of improvement from the week before, you would definitely see how doing this process is a game changer for you in your childcare business.

Well alright guys, this is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, reminding you that it only takes five weeks to change the game in your business.

If you’d like for us to assist you in this goal, the acceleration process. Be sure to get the kit today by going to www.thegoalacceleratorkit.com.

Until next time!  Remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage. Bye,  you guys.