How To Market Your Product

For today’s management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about How To Market Their Product Or Books right now.

One of the things that helped me grow in my marketing was having a marketing planner.

I remember wanting to get started with a marketing idea and it will hamper me because I wasn’t clear about what was my step 1, step 2, step 3 and step 4, etc. So I started being determined in identifying and following these steps.

When I started following these proper steps, it kept me moving forward without being hampered because now I am following a system. And I think that is important for you to take note as you watch this video – How important it is to have a system so you don’t have to constantly feel like you’re starting over.

So in the blog, I’ll be sharing with you a mindset that will help you to develop in marketing your product.

In my journey of traveling across the world, and visiting childcare center programs, I found that many childcare business owners have proprietor systems. These systems include file games that they’ve created themselves and are very functional.

I’ve also seen where there are binders that include learning materials within the binders that the children are learning from. That’s the owners’ proprietary information of they help the children learn a certain skill. I’ve also seen where owners also book writers while some are creative in creating their own planners – these are called products.

I’m looking at the owner asking them, “Why aren’t you marketing this?”

If you’re one of those people who have your own proprietary product or you’re someone who’s good at making materials for children, you can also market that and create an additional stream of income.

In this post, I want to help you get past the barriers so that you can get going into that direction.

  1. You need to have a SALES MINDSET.

A sales mindset is critical especially if you are shy about asking people to take fast action. You have to be comfortable with talking to the buyer and helping them reach to the solution they need which is called SALES.

      2. You need to have a MARKETING MESSAGE.

The reason why you need a marketing message because once you take a look at what you’re offering, and what the market needs. Now is the time to create a message that the market will listen to and feel that your message resonates with them. A message that will have them realized that you answered their problem.

      3. You need to have a SALES STRATEGY.

This is also important because you get to determine, “I need to X amount of people so I can get X amount of sales.” So that’s a sale strategy.

      4. You need to have a CAMPAIGN.

Once that you’re able to develop your strategy, you need to create a campaign model. Since now that you know that you need to speak to 10 people in order to make 1 sale. Your campaign is built around speaking to a number of people. Your campaign has a structure in place that will lead that 1 individual to make a buying decision.

      5. You need to decide which MARKETING CHANNEL will be effective for your marketing message.

It’s important to be able to take the campaign strategy that you’ve created along with your marketing message and decide which marketing platform will work best for your product. (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

These marketing channels will help you deliver your campaign and marketing message to your audience and will help them lead into making their buying decision.

This is why I have to have a plan, and maybe you need it too.

Maybe that’s why you struggle with believing in your books because you got to get past your belief in order to market them.

But then when you’re ready to market your products, you start wondering how are you able to do this. So that’s the importance of having a plan in place. And I know this can help you too!

If you’re interested in getting that planner today, you may grab a copy by clicking this link.

Plus, once you’ve purchased my marketing planner, you’ll also receive a bonus video that will help you have the mindset and will walk you through using the planner.

So you can finally market your product and create an additional stream of income.

Well alright, childcare business owners let this be something that you marinate on because there are many of you that have created products that you’re sleeping on.

And that’s probably because nobody came and woke you up to say, “Hey girl, you’ve got some value and work! So let’s take it to the market.”

And Remember, If You Manage The Childcare Business That You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!