How To Unlock Secrets To Childcare Productivity

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If owning a childcare business was easy EVERYONE, would do it! But it’s not easy therefore only a small number of us can get it all done and still have fun while doing it! It takes persistence, tenacity, and childcare productivity to achieve SUCCESS! But not just any type of success, CHILDCARE SUCCESS!

There is an art to getting things done in the childcare industry. To help prevent you from being overwhelmed you’ve got to get organized.

Yes, desk organization is important but Im not just talking about files and space. I’m talking about your time management, your daily themes, your management style plus your overall planning systems.

To get more done in your business you will need to do the following:

  1. Identify an Effective Time-Management System.  An effective time-management system isn’t about making time on your calendar to get things done; it is about making changes to the way you spend your time. Your first step is to analyze how you actually spend your time from the moment you open or arrive at the childcare business to the moment you leave.
  2. Create a Calendar of Duties. Creating a calendar of duties is an effective way of blocking your time to schedule your reoccurring tasks. It will empower you to work with fewer interruptions, focus your energies on what’s important and stay in control of accomplishing what is needed.
  3. Create Business Development Only days. While you are creating your calendar of duties list, go another step to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency by creating business development only days.
  4. Delegate Reoccurring Tasks. Several reoccurring tasks are common in the childcare business. The first step is to clear your task list of things that a CEO would not handle.
  5. Create an Internal Binder System. The binder system is a proven method that childcare corporations of all levels use to guide their operations and works as a quick reference guide for employees.


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