Is Daily Planning Your Childcare Success Really Real To You?

Are you ready to take your childcare business to the next level, but you seem to struggle with taking the right action and steps to growing your childcare business? Do you ever feel like you’re taking one step forward only to be thrusted two steps back? If so, today’s blog is going to help you understand your role in your childcare business and how to give your childcare business the boost that it really needs.

Hey, everybody! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, with IOwnADaycare.com, and today I created this blog to help you create success in your childcare business by utilizing the only childcare success planner to help you get organized and to give your childcare business a daily boost. I believe that the struggle of having a successful childcare business is real. I believe that owning and operating a childcare business takes focus, mind over matter, and determination. The key to you understanding how to move forward and how to bounce back all depends upon your beliefs and your values about your childcare business.

I know exactly what it’s like to encounter days and times or moments when nothing is working according to what you thought it should be like, and I also know moments when you’ve experienced the best day ever in the childcare industry, and you leave feeling like, yes, this is what this day should be about. I believe that the only difference between those two days is what we call life. Life is only 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond. I used to read that slogan, and I used to think, man, these people are crazy, but the more I mature, and the more I develop, and the more I change my belief systems and begin to believe in the success of my dreams and my goals, the more I begin to realize that the way I react to situations is truly in my power and that I can cause it to change and work together for my good.

I’ve been learning a lot about goal-setting, and I’ve learned that creating goals for my childcare business is the key to me having success. I had to develop an inside track, an inside mindset of shifting things in my life, and the only way I knew how to shift things in my life is to do what I heard other successful people do, to set big goals and big dreams for my life. I created the Goal Accelerator Kit to help me to accomplish creating big goals and big dreams for my life, and as time went on, and I began to encounter several questions from childcare business owners on which product to choose from my store, I had an aha moment. At that moment, I decided, you know what? I’m going to give childcare business owners a business boost, and this business boost will include every planner and organizer that I’ve created. I’m going to set it up so that each day they can focus in on taking big leaps in their business and accomplishing big goals.

Andrea Working At Akeba Academy Using Her Jumpstart Business Booster

I created the Jumpstart Business Booster as a way to combine each and every planner that I’ve ever created to make life simple and easier for you.

How does this planner make life simple and easier for you? I believe that, if you would take out time to spend at least 20 minutes each day writing your thoughts, planning your vision, developing strategies to execute your plan, you won’t leave and feel as if you had a defeated day.

You can look back over your plans, and you can see that this day turned out the way you planned it.

Then, there comes a time where you want to do a few things that I learned to do in my business.

Number one, I learned to ask myself, is planning really real to me? Are you truly planning what it is that you want to accomplish in your business? Are you planning one day and then stepping back and not planning the next day? Are you inconsistent in your planning? If so, don’t think that’s strange. So many childcare business owners are in a place in their life where planning comes second, third, fourth, or fifth, and just making it happen every day comes first.

To be honest, I went through a season where I stopped planning. I stopped dreaming a bigger dream. When I began to just make the day happen, I found myself getting weary, and I found myself unsure about my next step in my goals and my dreams. Over time, I had to sit down and reprogram my mind, get my thoughts together, and bring my heart, my mind, and my actions in sync.

What do I mean by that?

My mind wants to be successful, my heart wants to be successful, so now I must do what it takes to be successful, and I’m going to share with you my process. I’m going to share with you what I’ve been learning when it comes to setting goals in my business and how you can use the all-new Jumpstart Business Booster to help you plan out your goals so that you are clear as to when you want to accomplish them and so that you can celebrate your great success.

Within the Jumpstart Business Booster, there’s a writing that I put into the planner, and it says, “What you take time to write, you will accomplish.” I’m going to say that again. What you take time to write, you will accomplish.

Step One:  The first step to accomplishing your dreams and your goals in your childcare business is to recognize the need to have a planner that you can utilize specifically for the childcare industry so that you can have a roadmap to follow. See, if you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you could go back to your desk and pull up notebooks and pull up paper and pull up different items that you’ve written your goals on, only to never revisit them again. I’m pretty sure you can log onto your phone and go into your Notes section and see the things that you said that you wanted to accomplish, but one thing I had to do is I had to get clear about, if I’m going to change how I’m planning and how I’m setting my goals, then I must change what I utilize to write them in.

I immediately gained clarity. I gained clarity from listening to other coaches and being in environments where the information that I needed was being offered. When you are clear about your need of having a sound infrastructure to help you accomplish your goals and dreams, you will then recognize the importance of having a planner that you can reference and write in to guide you for daily boosting in your business. 

Step Two:  What is written is what matters. When you take out time to write out your goals and your dreams, you are 95% more capable of accomplishing them than if you just kept them in your mind. Why? Your mind will only achieve what you set out to do. If you do not write down your vision, your goals, and your dreams, you’ll find yourself resorting back to subconsciousness. Subconsciousness happens when you don’t even know how did you end up in a place. You’re just so in the habit of doing things until you never take authority over your life, over your day, over your goals, so you just end up doing whatever comes naturally.

One thing I know for sure, achieving your goals and your dreams is not a natural reaction. Achieving your goals and your dreams comes from you being proactive, writing them down, and zoning into what your true heart desire is for your childcare business.

Step Three:  Having the tool of the Jumpstart Your Childcare Daily Business Booster is the key to you giving yourself options to review your goals and your dreams. If you don’t ever go back and reference what it is that you want to achieve, you’ll never, ever accomplish it.

I’ll tell you guys the truth. This Business Booster and the name for the Jumpstart Business Booster all came from a dream and a goal. I wrote this goal back in 2016, that I wanted to create a Business Booster for childcare business owners to help them have an all-in-one system that will jumpstart their day by giving their business a boost and a roadmap to follow so that they can experience great success. Because I had this information written in one of my planners, which was originally titled The Goal Accelerator, I was able to go back and look at my goals and say, this is what I’m going to utilize to accomplish this goal. Why was I able to do that? Simply because it written.

Now, here’s your assignment. Go look throughout your office, and pull out those sheets of paper. Pull out those different notebooks that you’ve used, and review your goals that you’ve set for your business, and you will definitely identify that there were things in your business that you wanted to accomplish, and now it’s up to you to start being able to accomplish those things.

Step Four:  The next step I found out, which was very important, was to not only write your goals but to record them and listen to them every single day. This was a very key point that I learned from another coach. When I heard this example explained, it said something to my heart, and it said something to my mind, that what I listen to and what I feed myself is what will come to pass. Definitely, once you’ve written your goals, take time to record yourself and listen to them play over and over again so that you can get your mindset renewed to receiving your next level.

Step Five:  Now, before I was a big dream go-getter, I understood the power of dreaming big, and this is going to be Step Five. Dream big when creating your goals and dreams. Dream big when deciding on the things that you want to accomplish in your business and in your life. Don’t minimize your goals and your dreams because of people. Reach for the stars. Reach for the sky. Reach high. Dreams are meant to be accomplished.

Step Six:  I’ve also learned to set my goals yearly, quarterly, and monthly and to listen to them daily. Why is that such a powerful key? What you write, what you read, and what you hear is the key to you changing your belief systems. Another key point that I’ve learned about creating my goals and my dreams is to script my destiny. Scripting your destiny is when you take out time and write out what you really want to see happening in your business.

I know it’s crazy. I know it doesn’t sound right, and I understand that, if you’re not moving forward in that direction, it causes a disconnect. I began to struggle with that. I struggled with, how can I dream big, and how can I have these million-dollar ideas and dreams, but yet when I go into my business, I’m dealing with minute situations? I had to discover how to give my hands something physical to do so that it could register in my heart that this is really what I wanted to do, and it could begin to penetrate in my mind that I’m capable of doing what I truly want to do.

What did I have to do? That’s the key, writing them out, going and seeking it out, looking for it, touching it, putting yourself in the environments, because now you’re moving in that direction of success.

Step Seven:  Another thing I learned to do was to meet all my goals and dreams and my deadlines and exceed my own expectations by setting my goals weekly, by pushing myself to believe in the goal acceleration process, pushing myself to believe in the business boosting process. If you don’t believe that this thing will help you, if you don’t believe that writing your goals and dreams will be key to your success, if you don’t believe that you can accomplish this if you just believe, then you will find yourself buying tools and buying books and never, ever using them.

Step Eight:  Here’s my final step. Creating goals to help me progress in my childcare business. I learned that there were goals that I wanted to accomplish that had nothing to do with my true passion for infants. I wanted to drive a Mercedes. Now that I’ve gotten the Mercedes, what does it have to do with my true passion? What does that have to do with my why, why I get up every morning, why I go to work? Why do I work hard endlessly, day in and day out? You know what it has to do with? It has to everything to do with me creating goals that would help me in my childcare business.

Those of you who are reading this blog today, when was the last time you created a childcare-specific goal that was intended for your childcare business, that was intended to help you stay on track with accomplishing your vision for your childcare business, for the children, for the staff, for the operations, for the environment, for the playground, for the classrooms, for the staffing, for the hiring? When have you created goals to help you move forward in that direction? You know, something as simple as creating a goal to upgrade your filing system is game-changing.

I learned to do these steps that we talked about in today’s blog post, and I admonish you to take a look at the Jumpstart Your Childcare Daily Business Booster. It’s the key to you getting organized and getting more accomplished in your business. Many of you need a business boost. You need a dream boost. You need a goal boost. You need a motivational boost. Your goals are to motivate you. Your goals are intended to inspire you.