Jumpstart Your Classrooms With Starting Points

For today’s proven management solution, I want to help childcare business owners who want to start their team off right with the best starting point. If you want to know what starting points really mean in childcare, be sure to read more.

So many childcare business owners are frustrated especially if they have multiple locations with their team members going into classrooms and quickly executing and moving the classroom forward. I realized that when I started my childcare business, I had the same challenges, but I also knew that there must be a solution to this challenge. 

I’m going to introduce to you today the Jumpstart Bin. This bin is the starting point for our childcare classroom and is a game changer when you’re trying to quickly accelerate your new hires to being able to run your classrooms as if they’ve been in there 90 days or more. So let me go through this process but first, let me tell you a little story.

Years ago, I started duplicating in locations and with having multiple locations, I wasn’t the main person managing my sites. So I needed a way to keep everything organized. I didn’t move right away until I had one of the biggest impacts in my career. And that was when I got a note from the State that I owed $60,000 IN chargebacks on State funds. Nobody wants to get that notification but I did. When I got that notice, I began to try to figure out why this happened. And then, after going through the financial challenges, I started expanding and needing more team members and wanting to organize how my team members got started in my classrooms. And then I 

realized, like, I need a starting point for everyone when they go into my classrooms.

So I started searching the internet, trying to see what other owners were doing, what other daycares were doing and I found nothing. So finally I started praying and asked God to give me revelation. Give me revelation on what I need to do to solve what was causing me to have chargebacks in my business, and to solve how to mold my team members a lot quickly. Because in childcare, somebody may start today, three weeks later, they’re gone. So my turnover was consistent. And I needed to figure out how to really move a person forward. And many of you may be experiencing the same scenario.

Well, let me tell you what God revealed to me in prayer. In prayer, it came to me I needed a Jumpstart. I needed a starting point for my teachers to be able to jumpstart and go into their rooms. And then that’s when I started thinking about my challenges that I was having financially. Most of the challenges that happened is because I couldn’t prove that I had taken care of those children. Although I know that I operated in integrity, and I know that I took care of those children but my classroom attendance records were incomplete. I didn’t have a follow up program with my lead staff to go back through and audit those records. I was barely keeping up with the particular 

filing system for those records. And lo and behold when the time came for me to have used these records to cover me, they were incomplete. So I started getting down to the bottom of why was this happening? I talked with my leadership team, and we found out that sometimes we were going in the classroom and couldn’t find the attendance records. Sometimes the attendance records were incomplete when we did find them. And we also found out that if Keisha started taking the attendance record on Monday, but she was out on Tuesday, whoever was in the classroom and they didn’t know where Keisha put them so they didn’t take the attendance records on Tuesday. So we were in a big mess, and many of you can attest to this scenario. So when God gave me the revelation of creating a starting point for my business and gave my teachers a jumpstart, that’s when the Jumpstart bin was developed.

So the Jumpstart Bin is your starting point for your new hires. Whenever you take a person through the hiring process, the interviewing process, you’re going to use your teacher folder checklist. You’re going to use that checklist to help formulate questions. And then once the individual is hired, you’re going to use that checklist to help formulate the orientation and onboarding. And then once the person goes through the orientation and onboarding, you’re going to use that checklist that’s placed inside of your Jumpstart Bin as their daily reference. This is how you’re going to create repetition. And then that same 

checklist is going to be used by your admin team, your director, or whomever does your classroom checks. They will be using this same checklist. So what has happened is I created this bin to house those checklists, additional forms, attendance records, curriculum systems,  substitute systems, classroom lesson planning system, and our classroom binder. This bin houses everything that your team members will need. So essentially now it’s a jumpstart for your teachers. It’s a starting point that your teachers will need when they enter your classroom.

It was a game changer for me because when I started implementing systems to house all of the important admin documents in one place, all of the important systems that they must follow in the classroom in one place. It really allowed me to give an orientation and onboarding process that tells my teachers what to do at half a starting point when they enter into my classrooms. And essentially I named it the Jumpstart Bin. 

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As always, remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.